WorldBorder 1.9.0

a feature-rich world size limiting plugin, which can also generate or trim a world to your border

  1. Brettflan
    Native Minecraft Version:
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    • 1.13
    Source Code:

    Since Spigot is the continuation of Bukkit, I've finally gotten around to setting up a page for WorldBorder here.

    If you appreciate this plugin and actually want to see it developed further by me rather than only receiving compatibility updates, you are welcome to [​IMG].
    Thanks to the following people who have been kind enough to donate: jonDatz, xrobau, Gussi, Dizzy, R. Meijer, FoundationCraft, T. Bronner, R. Thompson, The Pokemon Server,, D. Senff, Vik1395, TagCraftMC, D. Strickner, M. Wilson, Rhythmatic, W. Downey, P. V. Gretener, MiniCraft Server, Cosmic Craft,, polaris_iv (Forge port), matagin, T. Ahokas.
    Also thanks to IMathe172I (Lang Lukas) for contributing code to support elliptic and rectangular border shapes, and Indiv0 for contributing code to support border wrapping.


    This plugin is intended to efficiently provide a border for each of your worlds, which only people granted special bypass access are allowed beyond. These borders can be round/elliptic or square/rectangular. As the plugin has been written with performance as the most important goal, it should have no performance impact on your server. Additional world trimming and filling commands are available as well.
    Older plugins which originally inspired the creation of this one: rBorder and BorderGuard.

    • You can set up a separate border for each world, but only one border per world.
    • You can have either round/elliptic or square/rectangular borders. Square/rectangular borders are slightly higher performance, round/elliptic borders make for nicer display maps. Different worlds can have different border shapes if you so choose.
    • Configuration and border setup is done completely using commands in-game or through the server console. No need to ever edit the config file directly.
    • Support for all permission plugins which interface with Bukkit's built-in "superperms" permission system.
    • You can fully generate (fill) your world all the way to the border, filling in any missing chunks, including a configurable buffer zone just outside your border.
    • You can trim off any world chunks beyond the border, getting rid of extraneous parts, with a configurable buffer zone left just outside your border.
    • You can use a bypass command to allow specific players to go beyond all borders.
    • Borders can be automatically displayed in DynMap if you use that plugin.
    • All plugin data is automatically saved whenever any borders or settings are changed.
    • If a player crosses a border while in a vehicle, the momentum of the vehicle is stopped and it is moved back inside the border with the player.
    • When a player is moved back inside a border, they will be moved to a safe vertical location if needed.
    • Borders for specific worlds can be set to wrap around instead of just knocking back players who cross the border, instead sending them to the opposite edge of the border.

    English Tutorials:

    Spanish Tutorial:


    Of special interest are the Fill command and the Trim command features:
    worldborder_fill_before_and_after.gif worldborder_trim_before_and_after.gif

    Borders are also displayed automatically by default in DynMap if you have it:

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Recent Reviews

  1. ForbiddenVoices
    Version: 1.9.0
    So im trying to fill the missing chunks from the world i have but everything i do /wb world fill 100 0 true and then confirm it it keeps crashing around 10% ish here is my console
  2. anemul
    Version: 1.9.0
    Love it . Easy to use . Well documented . The best thing of all , is it helps my server run more smoothly .
  3. hammynl
    Version: 1.9.0
    This resource is kind of buggy, And poorly created. I used to use it and had to reset the worldborder because it shrinks to 9999 automaticly. On versions 1.8, 1.12.2 and 1.13.2 all with the correct versions. Would love to get support or a fix. I will remove this review when its solved.
  4. liwanglin12
    Version: 1.9.0
    World Border Elytra bug
    Hello peeps!

    Recently some of the players on my server experienced some weird bug.

    They where flying through the nether or the end, and when they hit the border they where teleported underneath the world...
    In the nether the wings from the elytra would get stuck in the bedrock, and you couldn't teleport the player, same for the end.

    I've couldn't find any fix for this, and wasn't able to find any other people with this problem either?

    Does anyone maybe have an idea how to fix this?:confused:
  5. NotoriousNemo
    Version: 1.9.0
    I want to give a cautionary tale. When you set the worldborder make sure you be cautious of any sethomes you have near the border. I made the mistake of setting the border too small then teleporting outside the border and being killed. I wanted a 5k border from spawnpoint in each direction which is supposed to be 10k. I then tried to delete the worldborder and it didnt work on version 1.3.2.
    You can manually set each world border using commandblocks and setting in enable-command-block=true
    Then in command block type /worldborder set 10000
    I used this method to indvidually extend each world's border.
  6. M4N1NWH1T3
    Version: 1.9.0
    The trim/fill command seems not working correctly for me at 1.13.1 (1.9.0).

    When I fill/trim the world, restart the server and make a dynmap-full render, it always looks like this:!AovqWqZmK_fprQpgR7UfgNo_FpdP

    Any Help?
    Still a very good plugin since years! 5 stars!
  7. Dzoko
    Version: 1.9.0
    Generating world on 1.13 takes ages. Was a lot better on 1.12.2. ffffffffffffffffffffffff
  8. xz123456xz
    Version: 1.9.0
    Thank you so much for updating this resource~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  9. pop4959
    Version: 1.9.0
    Absolutely the best world border plugin in existence. Have been using for filling new worlds and maintaining borders for at least 5 years. Thank you so much for updating this resource!
  10. smmmadden
    Version: 1.9.0
    Nice to see a dedicated page here for the best world border plugin ever! I can't imagine my servers without this resource! Thanks for the awesome work and dedication to keeping it up-to-date. Your work is very appreciated.