WorldBorder 1.9.10 (beta)

a feature-rich world size limiting plugin, which can also generate or trim a world to your border

  1. 1.9.9 (beta) - async chunk generation support for Paper

    NOTE: This is a beta release due to the new implementation of async chunk generation support for Paper. IMPORTANT: SPIGOT 1.14 REMOVES A FUNCTION USED IN THIS 1.9.9 WB BUILD, LEADING TO ERRORS, SO IT IS NOT PROPERLY SUPPORTED. IF YOU ARE RUNNING SPIGOT 1.14, YOU WILL CURRENTLY DO BETTER USING WB 1.9.0.

    This version is only intended for Spigot/Paper builds for Minecraft 1.13. Older versions are not supported.

    • Implement async chunk generation for those running the Paper fork of Spigot, for potential Fill speed improvements and more stable server performance while running Fill with players in the server (by BaronyCraft)
    • Improved performance of chunk existence checks, thanks to suggestion by aikar
    • Prevent issue of Fill process potentially making the server unresponsive while skipping over huge numbers of already fully generated chunks, most likely with very large already mostly generated worlds which are stored on old/slow hard drives
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