WorldBox 1.0

Simple, powerful world management!

  1. wdele

    Here over at CrafteffectMC, we needed a multi-world tool which was not as advanced as plugins such as Multiverse, but more reliable than the built-in Vanilla multi-world system. That's where WorldBox comes in: simple, powerful world management!

    So if you need a simple multi-world tool for your server... WorldBox is the way to go! It only includes 3 commands, allowing you to manage your worlds :)

    This plugin is compatible with both Spigot and Bukkit!


    It's so simple!
    • Create worlds
    • Unload worlds
    • Teleport to worlds
    • /wbcreate [name] -- create the world [name]
    • /wbunload [name] -- unload the world [name]
    • /goto [name] -- teleport to the map [name]
    • worldbox.create -- create worlds
    • worldbox.unload -- unload worlds
    • worldbox.goto -- teleport to worlds

    I want to use a specific generator for a map.

    Please use the bukkit.yml file for this:

    I want to delete a map.

    Simply unload the map, turn off the server, delete the world folder manually, and start your server.

    I want to import a map.

    Simply upload the map folder, and then use /wbcreate [name]. Instead of creating the map, WorldBox will import it! :)

    Are separate inventories (per world) possible?

    Yes, there are multiple plugins available for this: bukkit separate inventories per world.

    Is there anything to configure?

    There is no config :) Just drop the plugin in your plugins/ folder and it'll work! :cool: