WorldEdit crash fixer 2021-03-14.1

Provides a patch to a new exploit found in legacy versions of WorldEdit. (server jar version <1.13)

  1. NoneTaken
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Legacy (< 1.13)
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.12
    Rainnny, amit177
    WorldEdit Crash Fixer
    This plugin has been quickly developed to patch a new exploit that many servers are falling victim to involving WorldEdit legacy versions which are widely used on 1.8/1.12 servers. Downloading this plugin and installing it into the /plugins directory of your server will patch it.

    Recently, WorldEdit has released an update to address this issue. Updating your WorldEdit will also (I believe) patch this exploit, I'll leave this here anyhow.
    • ProtocolLib
    • Spigot
    • Can't I just block x command? No, blocking commands will not fix this exploit. The server is already crashed before the command is executed internally (hence why permission checks & code in the PlayerCommandPreprocessEvent will not work)
    • Does client version matter? No, it seems anyone that can connect is able to use said exploit regardless of client version
    • Does server version matter? It appears the exploit is only present in legacy versions of WorldEdit (up to 1.12), please let me know if I am wrong though
    • How can I trust this jar? Feel free to download it on discord and decompile it to view the source or alternatively message me on discord (provided below) if you would like further clarification

    Please note that though I have only been able to confirm this is patched on 1.8 & 1.12 spigot it is very likely it will work on others, especially versions in-between the aforementioned ones. Also note that there are other ways to patch this exploit however this plugin is likely the most convenient solution for the majority of servers. Would appreciate a rate/review if it works.

    For help / to report a problem, feel free to message me on discord: NoneTaken#0001

Recent Reviews

  1. Donston75
    Version: 2021-03-14.1
    thanks, awesome
  2. coolfire02
    Version: 2021-03-14.1
    Thanks for spreading the word :) Source code is clean (as expected) so yeah, I thank you a lot for helping us fix something that may have taken us some time to fix on our own.
  3. Kylew1966
    Version: 2021-03-14.1
    If you are a server owner this is definitely needed! 100% recommend. NoneTaken is great developer!
  4. iJamith
    Version: 2021-03-14.1
    Great plugin great dev easy to install. Silly if you don't have this on your server 10/10
  5. NoNubJustPro
    Version: 2021-03-14.1
    Works perfectly. Drag and Drop and the problems are all gone! 10/10 rating from me!