WorldEdit [Skipt] 2015-11-09

world edit in skript!

  1. scareface
    This is a small version of the real World Edit plugin.

    -Actually there is just 3 commands (player must be op to execute these commands)
    - //wand => gives you the world edit wand
    - //set <block> => set the selected region to the desired block
    - //cut => cut the region

    - No perms, player must be opped!

    - If i succeed to create a full version of World Edit it will be premium!

    Hope you like this little Skript
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Recent Reviews

  1. -2-
    Version: 2015-11-09
    I've actually used this Skript a long time ago and might again. I used it for making a server with a custom Skript and it was very useful, but I never released it. I think I quit and deleted all my hard work.
  2. Supercilious
    Version: 2015-11-09
    Everyone that's complaining is just straight on retarded. Appreciate you making this, you people clearly don't see any purpose in this and therefor find it easy to trash. This could actually be used for custom WorldEdit features on your server, I can manually edit this to limit it to only work within a certain region. Appreciate you making this, no idea why all these people are complaining about it not having as many features as the actual one, it clearly states there's only 3 commands.
  3. Juanzoo
    Version: 2015-11-09
    Está muy bueno, sigue haci!
  4. Ikodavalos
    Version: 2015-11-09
    Give me one reason as to why anyone would want to download this plugin? Even if it had more than 3 commands, why not go with actual worldedit...
  5. gyurix
    Version: 2015-11-09
    CloudeLecaw is right, MrNixa not totally in my oppinion.

    If you would really like to make a plugin which is "better" in some stuff, than WorldEdit, then do it, but this Skript is nothing comparing to the WorldEdit.

    Also you don't have the rights to "steal" another plugins name and use it for yours.

    Making it paid is also a pretty bad idea. Just imagine that who will buy a plugin, if there is a better free alternative of it.

    And of course for a better performance you should code it as a standalone plugin.

    But you need to understand, that making a plugin like WorldEdit is not so simple job. To be truth, I have already thought about making one, but I haven't found any major thing, which I could actually make better, than the WorldEdit has :)
  6. CloudeLecaw
    Version: 2015-11-09
    So this is a try to rewrite WorldEdit?
    hm i would give it an other name. So bad ratings will be normal with this name - but ok Here why two stars.

    5 Starts - Max Rating:
    + 2: Starts because the current work u did work - means your 3 commands are handle like in worldedit and do their work.
    - 1 U need Skript + The Plugin - WE Itself is Standalone... Normaly u should try to use as less plugins as possible.
    - 1 This plugin will cost money one day when its "full"?
    i know it would be hard to develop a WE-Clone with his 100ths of commands and 1000s of args but this what we call WorldEdit totday
    andwhat allready has all these commands and args is free...
    So it would just make sense to develop a "opensorce"-clone of it.
    - 1 Star u need to be OP.. OP title must have for a planed plugin like this is a NOGO..Every Designer should have OP?...good luck...Permissions are a must have today
  7. MrNixa
    Version: 2015-11-09
    First of all, making world edit plugin is a waste of time, there is already w.e plugin which every server has, and its probably impossible to re-create the full version of w.e
    I think this is a waste of time, i am reccomeding you to get an idea of something that isn't out there to make ppl interested.