WorldEditSelectionVisualizer [1.7-1.13] 1.6.3

Visualize your WorldEdit selection with particles and without any mod

  1. Fix selections update and 1.13 native version

    Version 1.6.3
    • Fix selections not updating bugs
    • Native 1.13 Minecraft support (the plugin still work on 1.7-1.13.2 servers)
    • Fix errors spam with invalid particles data on 1.13 servers
    If you want you can donate here :coffee:
  2. WorldEdit 7 beta 4 support

    Version 1.6.2

    • Add WorldEdit 7 beta 2/3/4 support
    • Fix checkForAxe with FastAsyncWorldEdit on 1.13 servers
    • Disabled players are save in a players.yml file

    If you need help you can open an issue on GitHub or join my Discord.

    If you want you can donate...
  3. Top and bottom particles, FAWE regions, optimisations and more

    Version 1.6.1

    Hi, I am now the new maintainer of WorldEditSelectionVisualizer :)
    If you want any feature to be add, or you have a problem you can contact me

    Changes with this update:
    • Remove MCStats (not working for a long time)
    • Update bStats and add more graph
    • Log prefix is now [WESV] (shorter than [WorldEditSelectionVisualizer])
    • Fix a small bug with cylinders regions
    • Support for...
  4. 1.13 compatibility and plugin ownership change

    Heya everyone :)

    It's been a blast maintaining this plugin for you guys but times change and so do people behind the scenes. Thus, WESV will be maintained by MrMicky from now on, as I do not actively work on MC plugins development at the moment.

    This being said, MrMicky already prepared a 1.13-compatible version for you guys, so enjoy and thank you all for having me :)

    See you around ;-)
  5. Custom Reddust Colors + FastAsyncWorldEdit fix

    Thanks to MrMicky, we have an updated version once again :)

    This time, bringing custom colored Reddust particles and fix for FastAsyncWorldEdit. Thanks!
  6. Hiding particles & Convex selections

    Thanks to the excellent work of MrMicky-FR, we have a WESV plugin which now:
    • supports particles hiding after a certain timeout (via particleFadeDelay option in config)
    • supports convex WorldEdit selections

    Hip, hip... hooray :)
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  7. ProtocolLib dependency removed

    This time, MrMicky-FR brings you an update in performance and the removal of the long-standing ProtocolLib dependency. This has been now tested on MC 1.7+, so thumbs up and great job man! :)
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  8. Language fix

    A small typo caused a warning about selection being too big not to show translated correctly. This has now been fixed along with the "blocks" translation, which now begins with a space (so 10000blocks is correctly split in chat now).

    Thanks, bottomdumber, for reporting this :)
  9. Live Reload

    This version brings the /wesv_reload command that will reload your updated config without the need to restart your server. Your thanks can be directed to sdir01 - the author of this feature request :)
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  10. Translatable texts

    There are 4 text messages shown to the player and now you can translate all of them. You can find these messages in config.yml file for WESV. Have fun :)