WorldEditSelectionVisualizer [1.7-1.14] 1.6.6

Visualize your WorldEdit selection with particles and without any mod

  1. Add support for 1.14 particles, fix visualiser not enabling some times

    Version 1.6.6
    • Update bStats
    • Add support for 1.14 particles
    • Fix visualiser not enabling some times
    • Fix error on reload with some WorldEdit versions
    The plugin now have over 100 000 downloads, wow !

    If you need support you can join my Discord, and if you want to support the project (and me) you can leave a review, star...
  2. Performances optimisations

    Version 1.6.5
    • Reduce an important amount of server side lags (thanks to @PhanaticD for finding these lags :))
    If you want you can donate here :coffee:
  3. Fix errors when the plugin folder don't exists

    Version 1.6.4
    • Fix errors when the plugin folder don't exists (during the first installation)
    If you want you can donate here :coffee:
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  4. Fix selections update and 1.13 native version

    Version 1.6.3
    • Fix selections not updating bugs
    • Native 1.13 Minecraft support (the plugin still work on 1.7-1.13.2 servers)
    • Fix errors spam with invalid particles data on 1.13 servers
    If you want you can donate here :coffee:
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  5. WorldEdit 7 beta 4 support

    Version 1.6.2

    • Add WorldEdit 7 beta 2/3/4 support
    • Fix checkForAxe with FastAsyncWorldEdit on 1.13 servers
    • Disabled players are save in a players.yml file

    If you need help you can open an issue on GitHub or join my Discord.

    If you want you can donate...
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  6. Top and bottom particles, FAWE regions, optimisations and more

    Version 1.6.1

    Hi, I am now the new maintainer of WorldEditSelectionVisualizer :)
    If you want any feature to be add, or you have a problem you can contact me

    Changes with this update:
    • Remove MCStats (not working for a long time)
    • Update bStats and add more graph
    • Log prefix is now [WESV] (shorter than [WorldEditSelectionVisualizer])
    • Fix a small bug with cylinders regions
    • Support for...
  7. 1.13 compatibility and plugin ownership change

    Heya everyone :)

    It's been a blast maintaining this plugin for you guys but times change and so do people behind the scenes. Thus, WESV will be maintained by MrMicky from now on, as I do not actively work on MC plugins development at the moment.

    This being said, MrMicky already prepared a 1.13-compatible version for you guys, so enjoy and thank you all for having me :)

    See you around ;-)
  8. Custom Reddust Colors + FastAsyncWorldEdit fix

    Thanks to MrMicky, we have an updated version once again :)

    This time, bringing custom colored Reddust particles and fix for FastAsyncWorldEdit. Thanks!
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  9. Hiding particles & Convex selections

    Thanks to the excellent work of MrMicky-FR, we have a WESV plugin which now:
    • supports particles hiding after a certain timeout (via particleFadeDelay option in config)
    • supports convex WorldEdit selections

    Hip, hip... hooray :)
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  10. ProtocolLib dependency removed

    This time, MrMicky-FR brings you an update in performance and the removal of the long-standing ProtocolLib dependency. This has been now tested on MC 1.7+, so thumbs up and great job man! :)