WorldEditSUI | Visualize your selection! 1.7.2

Visualize your WorldEdit selection with particles!

  1. kennytv
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    • 1.17
    Source Code:
    This plugin visualizes your current WorldEdit selection with some fancy particles!
    You can customize the shown particle effect, their amount and enable an advanced grid (useful for bigger selections). To take a look at other options, look at the configuration section below!

    Covered are cuboid, spherical, ellipsoid, cylinder and 2D polygonal selections (see below for examples).
    One of the other features is the display of your copied selection (of //copy), which can be toggled with the WESUI command. You can also show a specific WorldGuard region by using the /wesui showregion <region> command

    If you want to run this plugin on a 1.8.x server, you have to download a legacy version from the GitHub Releases

    generatedtext (5).png
    ... This plugin mimics the functionality of the popular WorldEditCUI client mod, but running as a serverside plugin, so that you/your users do not need to install any mods.
    The main difference I wanted to achieve compared to similar plugins is on simplicity, performance and memory impact by choosing a rather simplistic and direct approach to calculating vectors, but you can check these for yourself.

    This plugin works with the following versions and forks of WorldEdit:
    However, be sure to have to correct plugin version corresponding to the Spigot version! (For example WorldEdit 6.0.0-6.1.9 is for MC 1.8.x-1.12.x, WorldEdit 7.0.0 upwards is only for MC 1.13 and higher)

    Available commands and their permissions are:

    Cuboid selection with advanced-grid enabled

    generatedtext (1).png
    Found any bugs or want a new feature?
    > Write a message in the discussion section

    Alternatively, you can visit the WorldEditSUI-Support Discordserver. There, you can expect answers and help much quicker than on the forums.

    generatedtext (4).png
    Things that might or might not still be improved:

    • The default WorldEdit selections (except Convex Polygons) are covered, though the FAWE ones are not yet implemented
    • The advanced grid is quite lightweight with its bigger grid sizes, but might not be symmetrical
    • It's not as fancy as the WorldEditCUI Mod, but hey - you don't have to install a mod, so, that's a thing

    generatedtext (3).png
    Code (Text):
    # If enabled, the positions for particles will only be calculated once per selection and then cached.
    # This essentially entirely removes the higher CPU usage of the calculations, but results in some caching if many/big selections are being made.
    # Disable this if you run into concurreny errors.
    cache-calculated-positions: true

    # A list of all particles can be found here:
    # Just note that newly introduced particles obviously won't work in older versions.
    # Shown for the selection you currently have.
    # If you want to use a particle that requires extra data (REDSTONE, FALLING_DUST, BLOCK_DUST, BLOCK_CRACK, ITEM_CRACK),
    # you can read up on how to do that at the bottom of the plugin's Spigot page.
    # The same applies to per-particle view-distance, speed, and offsets.
    particle: FLAME
    # Shown for the clipboard (after using WorldEdit's //copy command).
    # Can be enabled with the '/wesui toggleclipboard' command.
    clipboard-particle: VILLAGER_HAPPY
    # Shown for the WG region view (when using '/wesui showregion <region>').
    wg-region-particle: VILLAGER_HAPPY

    # How many particles should be displayed for every block of length.
    # The recommended amount is between 2 and 4. Can be set from 1 to 5.
    particles-per-block: 3

    # This number determines how many ticks should be between every sending of particles.
    # Can be set from 5 to 200.
    # For reference: 20 Minecraft ticks are equivalent to 1 second -> 10 ticks are 0.5 seconds -> 1 tick is 0.05 seconds.
    particle-send-interval: 12

    # Max ping a player can have before particles are no longer sent - this option only works on Paper servers.
    # Set this to -1 to disable.
    max-ping: 150

    # Selecting giant areas may result in a high cpu usage or server lag.
    # This limits the maximum number of blocks that can be displayed (default is 10 million, ~250*150*250 blocks).
    # You could still go even higher if they can only be used by trusted people.
    max-selection-size-to-display: 10_000_000
    # If set to true, players with the 'wesui.maxselectionsize.bypass' permission ignore the limit from above.
    enable-max-selection-bypass-perm: true[/SIZE]

      # If enabled, the selection will not only be displayed by the outline,
      # but also with a grid between the outlines (the bigger the selection, the bigger the grid).
      # Requires more or less 2 to 3 times the amount of calculations, but looks amazing!
      enabled: false
      # How many particles should be displayed for every block of length.
      # The recommended amount is between 2 and 3. Can be set from 2 to 5.
      particles-per-block: 2

      # You can also enable the grid for the clipboard view.
      # Same as advanced-grid settings, but for the clipboard.
      enabled: false
      particles-per-block: 2

      # You can also enable the grid for the WG region view by using the '/wesui showregion <region>' command.
      # Same as advanced-grid settings, but for the WorldGuard regions.
      enabled: false
      particles-per-block: 2

      # If enabled and a selection isn't changed for the given amount of seconds, particles will stop being sent for it
      enabled: false
      expires-after-seconds: 180
      # If enabled, players are notified if their particles disappear after the expiry.
      expire-message: true

    # If set to 'none', every player will have their selection displayed.
    # Else, only players with the set permission will have particles for their selection.
    permission: "none"

      # If enabled, the particles will be sent to all players, rather than just to the player having the WorldEdit selection.
      # Might be useful when building as a group.
      enabled: false
      # You can also limit those seeing the particles by a permission. Leave 'none' to let all players see them.
      # Warning: If you have a (bad) perm plugin that does not cache its checks / takes a while for permission checks, leave this at 'none'.
      view-others-particles-perm: "none"
      # If you want people to see different particles for another player's selections, you can set them here.
      others-particle: FLAME
      others-clipboard-particle: VILLAGER_HAPPY

    # If set to false, players will have to use '/wesui toggle' first to be able to see the particles.
    show-selection-by-default: true
    # If set to false, players will have to use '/wesui toggleclipboard' first to be able to see the particles.
    show-clipboard-by-default: false

    # Saves toggles to a file, so that they stay changed after player quits and server restarts.
    # This also includes the clipboard toggle.
    persistent-toggles: false

    # Changes the distance from which particles can be seen, can be set from 1 to 500 (if you for some reason want to see them 500 blocks away).
    # This does NOT affect server performance in any way.
    particle-viewdistance: 99

    # Recommended to have this enabled, as you'd else miss out on new features and overall improvements.
    update-checks: true

    ... If you want to use particles that require extra data (REDSTONE, FALLING_DUST, BLOCK_DUST, BLOCK_CRACK, ITEM_CRACK) or want to set speed, part-particle view-distance, or offsets, you also need to put that extra data in the config (note that the REDSTONE particle is only changeable for 1.13+ servers).

    All of the below are examples - the important bits are what follows the X-particle-data key!

    Let's say you want to set the normal selection particle to REDSTONE and change radius and offset; Then your config should look similar to this:
    Code (YAML):

     # RGB color data - numbers from 0 to 255
    : 0 # red
    : 0 # green
    : 0 # blue
      # Relative particle size
    : 0.9
      # Generic settings
    : 50
    : 0.2
    : 0.1
    : 1
    You can also add the speed parameter to the -data section, being a decimal number from 0 to 1.
    Note that some particles do not support setting their speed.

    Now you want to set the clipboard particle to FALLING_DUST (works the same for BLOCK_DUST and BLOCK_CRACK):
    Code (YAML):

     # Block material
    Finally, you want to set the others-particle field in send-particles-to-all to ITEM_CRACK:
    Code (YAML):

    : STICK
    IMPORTANT: If you are running a server on 1.12 or lower, you need to note the following when using either BLOCK_CRACK, BLOCK_DUST, or FALLING_DUST:
    - after the material, you might also need the extra data/durability. E.g. brown wool is just YELLOW_WOOL in 1.13+, but in 1.12- it is WOOL with data 4, so you would write it as in the following example:
    Code (YAML):

    : WOOL
    : 4
    You can obviously put any of the particles in any of the fields; I just used different ones to illustrate its structure.

    A rating or a review would be highly appreciated and a creation of one is fairly easy! :)
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    I've been using this plugin for some time now, and I didn't realize what the use of the new WorldEdit region selection feature would be, because with the old versions, you could also run a /rg select command and it would still be lit up. How naive I was! The ability to have a highlighted working WorldEdit selection AND a separately highlighted WorldEdit region is FANTASTIC. Thank you so much!
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