WorldFinder 1.1.0

Find a world which fits your biome needs

  1. TheDutchMC04
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    Source Code:
    Spigot 1.16+

    Find a World that matches your biome needs

    Requires Java 11+, I won't backport to Java 8

    For players, this will only check the current world: /findworld

    From console: findworld true, this will keep generating a new world until a good one is found.

    When run from console the plugin will generate a world called world_finder, you can TP to this world with /worldfindertp

    Maybe someday Ill implement them, not yet for now.

    Default config
    - "desert"
    - "plains"
    - "birch_forest"

    # The amount of time between each world generation
    generationDelay: 15

    # The maximum amount of recursions (tries) before we give up
    maxRecursions: 500

    # Should we search circular, or square
    # Square will check if the absolute value of the coordinates falls within the searchDistance
    # Circular will calculate the distance between the centerPointX and the X and Z coordinate
    searchCircular: true
    searchDistance: 3000

    # The center point to use for calculating distances
    # This is ignored when searchCircular is false!
    centerPointX: 0
    centerPointZ: 0

    # Should we print debug output
    isDebug: false

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