WorldGuard Extra Flags 4.1.2

Worldguard extanssion

  1. isokissa3
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    Check which WorldGuard version you need to use from FAQ in order to the plugin to work properly!

    WorldGuard Extra Flags is extension to WorldGuard that adds 29 new flags listed below!
    • teleport-on-entry & teleport-on-exit | If player enter or exit region given by this flag they are teleported to location provided.
    • command-on-entry & command-on-exit | If player enter or exit region command(s) are ran by player with OP (Use %username% for player username placeholder)!
    • console-command-on-entry & console-command-on-exit | If player enter or exit region command(s) are ran by console (Use %username% for player username placeholder)!
    • walk-speed | Sets speed how fast player runs
    • keep-inventory | Can player keep their items on death?
    • keep-exp | Can player keep their exp on death?
    • chat-prefix | Add chat prefix inside region
    • chat-suffix | Add chat suffix inside region
    • godmode | Allow / deny taking damage inside region
    • blocked-effects | Block effects inside region
    • respawn-location | Changes player respawn location if they are inside region
    • worldedit | Allow or deny worldedit inside region
    • give-effects | Give effect while inside region, restores old effects on region leave with correct time left and if potion consumed while under effect it will be given correctly on leave
    • fly | Allow flying inside a region
    • play-sounds | Allows you to play sounds once or repeatly, on 1.9 and above the sounds stop playing as soon as you leave the region, on 1.8 you have to wait the sound ends
    • frostwalker | Deny frostwalker inside region
    • nether-portals | Block creation of nether portals
    • allow-block-place | Allows placing specified block(s) overriding region permissions
    • deny-block-place | Blocks placing specified block(s) even with permissions to region
    • allow-block-break | Allows breaking specified block(s) overriding region permissions
    • deny-block-break | Blocks breaking specified block(s) even with permisisons to region
    • glide | Block elytra or force them to have elytra effect without having elytra equipped and works even if the player is on ground
    • chunk-unload | Block chunks unloading inside the region
    • item-durability | Block item damage inside the region
    • join-location | Teleports player to location when they login inside the region
    How to use?
    Simply use the worldguard region command:

    /region flag <region> teleport-on-entry here | Add your current location as teleport location.

    /region flag <region> command-on-entry command1, command2, command3 | Multiple commands

    /region flag <region> walk-speed 0.4 | Makes player walk two times faster, default is 0.2

    /region flag <region> keep-inventory true | Makes player keep their items on death

    /region flag <region> blocked-effects ABSORPTION | Clear absorption effect on entry

    /region flag <region> give-effects JUMP 0 | Gives jump boost I inside region

    /region flag <region> play-sounds mob.villager.haggle 10 | Plays villager haggle every 10 tick (1 tick = 50ms)


    Which Minecraft versions are supported?

    From 1.7 even up to 1.13.2, please keep in mind you still need to pick the correct WorldGuard version, which are listed below

    Which WorldGuard version should I use?
    The most up to date version that is compatible with your version of Minecraft.
    • WorldGuard 6.1.2 OR LOWER
    • WorldGuard 6.2
      • MC: From 1.7 up to 1.11
      • Plugin: Latest
    • WorldGuard 6.2.1
      • MC: 1.12
      • Plugin: Latest
    • WorldGuard 6.2.2
      • MC: 1.12
      • Plugin: Latest
    • WorldGuard 7 up to #1753 (beta 1)
      • MC: 1.13
      • Plugin: 4.1
    • WorldGuard 7 #1754 and above (beta 2 and above)
      • MC 1.13
      • Plugin: Latest
    Flag is not working:
    Make sure you do not have permissions for:


    Also make sure you have use-player-move-event set to true in WorldGuard config.

    Please also note that if you are OP you have the permissions to bypass any flag.

    Respawn-location flag is not working:
    This can be caused by other plugins choosing the respawn location, Essentials is known to cause issues with this. To fix this change the respawn-listener-priority to lowest or low in the config.

    Not working on Thermos:

    Can I bypass flag with permissions?
    You can bypass any flag by using the following permission node:


    If your permission plugin supports wildcars they can by used to block all custom flags in region using:


Recent Updates

  1. Bug fixes
  2. Updated to WG 7 Vectors
  3. Bug fixes

Recent Reviews

  1. bbro1222
    Version: 4.1.2
    Perfect plugin, along with disabling fly a user can also make sure that when they enter they run /fly disable, and when they exit it enables fly once again. Overall this has been perfect for my server and is a big help
  2. CytroxHD
    Version: 4.1.2
    Top Plugin

    small info: Plugin WorldGuardExtraFlags v4.1.1 does not specify an api-version.
  3. anemul
    Version: 4.1.2
    Very good . It allowed me to use commands up entry and leaving region . Just what I was looking for .
  4. Arhke
    Version: 4.1.2
    Works as Intended and does so elegantly. The block restriction world guard flags are all outdated and don't work with wg 6.2.1 so this was the solution!
  5. Antasma
    Version: 4.1.2
    Amazing plugin! Is there any way to make the flag "give-effects" apply to ops as well?
  6. AverageWutang
    Version: 4.1.2
    This plugin is so helpful!! Hats off to the developer and for making this so well!!
  7. Raveun
    Version: 4.1.2
    when i do /region flag <name> command-on-entry warp nameofthewarp,
    it doesnt work even with the flag console-command-on-entry
    1. isokissa3
      Author's Response
      Section "Flag is not working" can be found in the FAQ:

      Make sure you do not have permissions for:


      Also make sure you have use-player-move-event set to true in WorldGuard config.

      Please also note that if you are OP you have the permissions to bypass any flag.
    Version: 4.1.2
    That is great plugin. It is what I was looking for. Bypass flag permission work also for original WG flags?
  9. kaizen
    Version: 4.1.2
    Did never and does not work with latest worldguard, have been remaking my server for hours until I found extra flags was the culprit! removed and reinstalled a lot to find out it had affected even other plugins somehow!
    1. isokissa3
      Author's Response
      On 1.13 and above FAWE breaks the plugin
  10. sub911
    Version: 4.1.2
    A good plugin, can you PLEASE add the ability to disable fishing in a certain region of the world? PLEASEEEEEE