WorldGuard Extra Flags 4.1.4

Worldguard extanssion

  1. Bug fixes

    Its been a while since new release. What would be more wonderful than have few bug fixes out in the release build? There has been two minor feature changes so read on.

    • By default give-effects now does not show particles (Now has third param to change this back to normal)!
    • Glide flags "allow" now does not force the glide status and now has new "force" option!
    • Corrected which chunks are included in chunk-unload
    • keep-inventory & keep-exp flags now also respect false
    • Potion effects with same type but different amplifier gets correctly updated to the client
    • Fixed nether portals error in 1.14
    • Correctly detect whatever the server supports stop sound (Thanks to jacky8399)
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