WorldGuard Fix 1.7.3

Adds missing 1.9 protections to WorldGuard

  1. Fix lingering potion blacklist with latest version

    • Fixed LingeringPotion blacklist when updating to latest WorldGuard build

    It is recommended that you use the currently most updated WorldGuard build.
    You can set following settings in the config (generate with /wgf generate, you will find a config.yml in the WorldGuardFix folder) to false, as the latest build properly takes care of those: enableFrostwalkerCheck, enableChorusFruitCheck, enableBoatCheck, enableLilypadCheck

    Why you (probably) still can't dump WorldGuardFix completely:
    • Potion blacklist not preventing LingeringPotions to be thrown
    • EnderCrystals can be placed in protected regions (didn't find a flag to prevent this in WorldGuard)

    At least they are not fixed for me, I may be doing something wrong though.
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