WorldGuard Fix 1.7.3

Adds missing 1.9 protections to WorldGuard

  1. Fix lingering potion blacklist with latest version

    • Fixed LingeringPotion blacklist when updating to latest WorldGuard build

    It is recommended that you use the currently most updated WorldGuard build.
    You can set following settings in the config (generate with /wgf generate, you will find a config.yml in the WorldGuardFix folder) to false, as the latest build properly takes care of those: enableFrostwalkerCheck, enableChorusFruitCheck, enableBoatCheck,...
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  2. Fix PvP lingering potion affecting players with bypass

    This bug was fixed.

    WorldGuard already received an official 1.9 update, however I personally still had some issues with it. Following checks can be disabled in WorldGuardFix config if you use the latest build on dev.bukkit: enableFrostwalkerCheck, enableChorusFruitCheck, enableBoatCheck, enableLilypadCheck
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  3. 1.9.4 support, minor optimizations

    No more nms dependencies, code is a bit cleaner now and 1.9.4 is fully compatible.
  4. Disable per World

    You can now exempt a world from all toggleable checks via config.
    End Crystal toggle has been added.
  5. Fix stacktrace due to custom plugins

    Same thing as the old bug already reported, hopefully fixed by now. I can't really reproduce those issues, causing these bugs.
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  6. Fix vehicle-place for boats

    Now checks the vehicle-place flag for boats aswell.
  7. Fix Exception

    Should fix NullPointerEx that may occur when a LingeringPotion got modified via external plugin.
  8. Improvements, check bypass permission

    Players who have world bypass can use the chorus fruit in no enderpearl regions and splash lingering potions in no splash regions
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  9. Toggle checks

    • Harmful lingering potions inside of no pvp zones won't work anymore (thanks Phoenix616)
    • Chorus fruit can not be consumed in no enderpearl regions
    • Added /worldguardfix (or /wgf) generate / reload, generate will drop you the default config in your plugins folder
    • You can now toggle checks via config
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  10. Check potion blacklist for tipped arrows

    If a potion effect on a tipped arrow is blacklisted, it will remove the effect.
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