WorldGuard support for WDLCompanion 0.0.1

Allow players to use the World Downloader mod within their own WorldGuard regions!

  1. pokechu22
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    This plugin adds a new type of WDLCompanion Chunk Override, Owned WorldGuard regions, which allows players to use the World Downloader mod to save data in their own WorldGuard regions.


    First, install WDLCompanion and WorldGuard. Then, just add this plugin into your plugins folder!


    This plugin does not have its own configuration file or permissions. Instead, it uses WDLCompanion's own configuration file to add a new type of chunk override.

    Add a new entry in the chunkOverrides section, with type set to Owned WorldGuard regions. Then, add a ownershipType value to specify how the player must own it. This can be either ownerOrMember, owner, or member, with ownerOrMember being the recommended choice. You can also optionally add a preservePolygons tag to have polygonal regions work exactly rather than being expanded to a square (this defaults to false). Enabling preservePolygons is more resource intensive.


    Code (Text):

        type: Owned WorldGuard regions
        ownershipType: ownerOrMember
        preservePolygons: false

    Source code

    This plugin is open source; you can view the source and contribute to it here.

    MCStats disclaimer

    This plugin uses MCStats (pluginmetrics) for anonymous statistics. You can view these statistics here. If you want to turn off these statistics, set opt-out to true in the PluginMetrics configuration file (this disables statistics for all PluginMetrics supporting plugins).

    Release note

    This is a relatively early release and there may be some issues with it. Particularly, it does not react to changes to regions automatically; instead players will need to refresh their permissions manually. This is because WorldGuard lacks (or appears to lack) region change events. Additionally, non-rectangular regions may not work properly in all cases - I hope to improve the algorithm for handling them (but it's hard to convert them to a raster series of chunks). Finally, there may be issues with unloaded regions - I'm investigating whether this will cause problems or not. I doubt it will, but there is a chance that unloaded regions will not be sent properly, which when combined with missing events, may cause regions to not be sent at all.

    If you encounter any bugs, please report them.