WorldLoad 3.0

A lightweight plugin that loads or generates a world

  1. danielfr789
    Ever wanted to load or teleport to a world without using Multiverse?

    This is a lightweight plugin allows you to simply teleport, create, load, remove, delete, unload, see stats, and list worlds.

    • Drag and drop worlds into your main directory and load them with this plugin
    • Teleport to worlds
    • Create/load worlds
    • Remove/delete/unload worlds
    • See world statistics
    • List your worlds

    1. Drop into plugins folder
    2. Start your server so the config file generates
    3. Configure as you please


    /worldload help - Displays an entire list of commands available.
    /worldload tp <world> - Teleport to the center of a world.
    /worldload create <world> [-flat] - Create or load a world, and then have it save in the config so it loads when you start your server.
    /worldload remove <world> - Remove a world only from the CONFIG, to stop it from loading when you start your server. This does not delete or unload the world.
    /worldload delete <world> - This will permanently delete the specified world with no chance of recovering it.
    /worldload load <world> - This will load (or create if non-existant) and it will stay loaded until you restart your server or use unload command.
    /worldload unload <world> - This will unload a world whether it was either created or loaded.
    /worldload stats [world] - This will load world information based on your current world or the specified one.
    /worldload list - This will list out Created, Flat, Loaded, and Unloaded worlds.
    /worldload reload - This will reload and create any new worlds specified in the config.

    <> are mandatory fields
    [] are optional fields
    (You can also use /wl and /worldl as aliases)

    • worldload.create
    • worldload.create.flat
    • worldload.remove
    • worldload.delete
    • worldload.load
    • worldload.unload
    • worldload.stats
    • worldload.list

    • Nothing! Post suggestions below.
    • No video :( If anyone would like to make one please tell me so I can put it on here!

    Source Code on GitHub
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Recent Reviews

  1. ilturco
    Version: 2.1
    Run perfectly, thank you so much!
    1. danielfr789
      Author's Response
      Thank you! Hope you enjoy.
  2. Xx_User_xX
    Version: 2.0
    Good Plugin and Please add void worlds.
  3. RyanPVP
    Version: 1.0
    This is great! Super simple, super great! :)
    1. danielfr789
      Author's Response
      Thank you! You should try the new version though. Even better!