WorldMania || WorldManagment *GUI-Based Frequently updated [1.8.8-1.16x] 0.7.11

The best alternative to Multiverse-Core, With a lot of features and a easy GUI-Managment

  1. peppepascale
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    Languages Supported:
    English, Italian
    best alternative to Multiverse-Core is here!

    WorldMania is a WorldManagment GUI-Based plugin for Spigot.

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    - MultiWorld
    - GUIManagment
    - Local storage
    - Easy TabCompleter for commands (0.2+)
    - Multi-Language support (0.3+)
    - MySQL Storage for world configurations (0.4+)
    - Cost for tp in a world(0.5+) (For this feature is required Vault and a Economy plugin that hook with Vault.)
    - Can Unload worlds beyond delete him(0.6+).
    New* BlackList system(0.7+).

    Avaible languages:
    - English
    - Italian

    To select language modify the language value in the Config.dat
    If you want to help me translate, fork me on github:

    Commands: <> required, [] optional
    - /wmtp: Open the teleport GUI.
    - /wmtp: [world]: Teleport to a world.
    - /wmtp: [player] <world>: Teleport a player to a world.

    - /worldmania: Open the GUI.
    - /worldmania clone <oldWorld> <newWorld>: Clone a world.
    - /worldmania create [name]: Create a world.
    - /worldmania delete [name]: Delete a world. WARNING: Don't delete the default worlds: world/world_nether/world_the_end.
    - /worldmania help: View command list.
    - /worldmania list: View created worlds.
    - /worldmania manage <world>: Open directly the GUI view of a world.
    - /worldmania reload: Reload langs and config.
    - /worldmania regen <world>: Regenerate a world. All construction will be erased. WARNING: Don't regenerate the default worlds: world/world_nether/world_the_end
    - /worldmania setcost <world> <cost>: Set the cost for a world.
    - /worldmania setspawn: Set the spawn for the command: /worldmania tp.
    - /worldmania load <world>: Load a world.
    - /worldmania unload<world>: Unload a world. WARNING: Don't unload the default worlds: world/world_nether/world_the_end

    worldmania.admin: Get all permissions.
    worldmania.<command>: Use the command inserted. Use /wmtp.
    worldmania.<world>.costBypass: Bypass the cost of the world.
    worldmania.tpothers: Tp others with /wmtp. Bypass the blackList of the world. Bypass the /wmtp coolDown.

    The plugin still in BETA version so if you found a bug please contact me via Spigot or GitHub.


    I'm Italian so excuse me for all the grammatical errors. Thanks
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Recent Reviews

  1. brashexoduss
    Version: 0.7.7
    Excellent plugin
    is there by chance a way to add command blocks to work in other worlds? instead of just the main world or places?
    1. peppepascale
      Author's Response
      I think its impossible to modify commandBlocks behaviur
      Thanks for review.
  2. Choubatsu
    Version: 0.6.3
    I was wondering can u maybe add features from PerWorldServer inside this plugin? That'd be amazing
    1. peppepascale
      Author's Response
      Maybe in a update.
      Thanks for review
  3. shmezi
    Version: 0.5.5
    Have used tons of other world management plugins, but I have to say, this is my favourite.
    All stuff is done simply through a GUI and works amazing!
    Highly suggest to all!
    1. peppepascale
      Author's Response
      Thanks for review.
  4. Mohammad2020
    Version: 0.5
    It's probably the best alternative to Multiverse-Core. I would recommend it to everyone that wants a Multiverse-Core Alternative. <3
    1. peppepascale
      Author's Response
      Thanks for review.
  5. Choubatsu
    Version: 0.3.5
    Amazing plugin, definitely a better alternative to Multiverse Core. Highly recommend it
    1. peppepascale
      Author's Response
      Thanks for review.