WorldMap ItemCleaner 1.1

Remove all unwanted items and blocks quick and easy on your server

  1. Koolaid5000
    Koolaid5000, wysohn

    Remove all unwanted items and blocks quick and easy on your server!
    World Map Item Cleaner is made to help server owners to get rid of unwanted items and blocks on a map. Lets say some corrupted op or admin stole a lot of diamonds and spread them out on the server. With Word Map Item Cleaner you can easy remove all stolen or unwanted items and blocks.


    /ic <ids> Example /ic 276 264


    /ic confirm


    Cleaning Complete


    Chest Before cleaning ID 276 264


    Chest After cleaning ID 276 264



    - Caching and separate threads makes plugin light weight and efficient
    - Progress indicator
    - Result page to reveal the details


    /ic blockmode - will toggle the mode to remove blocks not items
    /ic <ids> Example /ic 276 264
    /ic confirm
    /ic pause
    /ic stop


    - Download the plugin
    - Drag 'n drop the plugin to your plugin directory
    - Restart the server
    - Enjoy!

    config.yml - number of thread (8 is recommended)

    (None) Op only


    Known Bugs


    If you find a bug please send me a message explaining your issue/bug

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  1. LasseAaB
    Version: 1.1
    Hello! This is a very great plugin! But can you update it to 1.9? And if you could add Ingame Messages (When its done) and maybe ID:2 functions! :)