WorldNamePacket 1.4.0

Server-side companion for mapping mods

  1. kosmamoczek
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    • 1.17
    • 1.18
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    Server-side companion for mapping mods. Automatically sets world name in Multiworld mode - no more manual configuration and "world not recognized" messages.

    Supported platforms: Fabric, Spigot.
    Supported mapping mods: VoxelMap, Xaero's Map, JourneyMap, Rei's Minimap.

    This mod helps in a specific situation: where you connect to a server that has more than the 3 vanilla dimensions, mapping mods easily get confused and can either mix up the maps or ask you which one you're on. This can happen on many modded servers - but also vanilla servers if there are behind a proxy (Bungeecord/Velocity/etc).

    This tool solves this problem by telling the mapping mod which world it's connected to.

    Download a jar from the Releases section and drop it in your mods/plugin folder on the server side. If you're using a proxy (Bungecord/Velocity/etc.) make sure to have it installed on all servers.

    The jar works on both Fabric and Spigot - cursed, I know.

    There's nothing to configure. The mod will automatically read the world name from your server configuration (level-name on vanilla, dimension name on modded). One common issue is that all your worlds are named world - you'll have to fix that for the mod to operate correctly.

    Where's the Forge version?
    I don't know Forge, sorry. If you can code it up, please let me know!

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  1. 170435
    Version: 1.4.0
    When giving each server on a bungee network a unique level name in, this plugin makes world map mods automatically detect when you swap between servers.