WorldReport 1.1.5

Report management system.

  1. MetalGearDaner

    WorldReport is a plugin that provides an organised report managment allowing users to report any kind of infringement when any Staff member is not online or available. The reports are stored and when a Staff member connects, the plugin will advise him that there are reports that need to be processed. Just with a simple command, any user with permissions can make reports to the Staff, in the report, the users are allowed to add some text to specify what the infraction is; the localization and the date information are instantly added by the plugin, so the user does not need to add them.

    DevBukkit page.

    • /report <infraction>: It will send a report.
    • /check: Shows you a global vision of all the reports.
    • /check <Report ID>: It will show you a detailed description of a certain report.
    • /status <Report ID>: Set a report status, such as "checked", "resolved". Whenever a report is set to resolved, it will be deleted.
    • /go <Report ID>: Teleports to the location where the user send the report. Usually is the infraction itself position.
    • /assign <Report ID> <username>: Assign a report to somebody.
    • worldreport.op: Manage reports.
    • Adding assignment command.
    • Adding locale support.
    • Update checker.
    • Award system.
    All ideas are wellcome. Please, if you would like to contribute to make WorldReport a better and more completed plugin, suggest and report any issue.

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  3. 1.1.3

Recent Reviews

  1. DeadMinersServer
    Version: 1.1.4 - HOTFIX
    Hi first of all thank you for the plugin but when i join to the server it says : "WorldReport Could not get reports contact etc .. " And can you add a lang.yml please D:
    1. MetalGearDaner
      Author's Response
      Have you linked correctly the plugin with you MySQL database? You must set the parameters on the configuration file.
  2. XxRlLOlXx
    Version: 1.1.3
    This is by so far BEST REPORTING PLUGIN to me!
    I really like /go command wich is really helpful! I like this plugin And I will continue supporting it!
    1. MetalGearDaner
      Author's Response
      I appreciate a lot you support! If you have any suggestions, just propose them. :)
  3. Bryan_Ponce
    Version: WorldReport 1.1.1
    This plugin looks really neat!
    33 Downloads, yet I'm the 1st commentor and rater!

    GUI & Chat to check "infractions" or "reports"
    Hover over name: Infraction or player who filed the reports' name

    Chat configurable layout?
    1. MetalGearDaner
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the feedback :) I'll work on new features this week, hopefuly I'll release WorldReport 1.2.0 soon.