WorldReset [Plugin + API] | Outdated! 1.0.9_last

Simply reset a world without restarting your Server! [+ API]

  1. Just improvements of the Multiverse support

    As said in the title, this update just improves the support of Multiverse-Core.
  2. Multiverse-Core support added!

    Before the update, multiverse didn't recognized resetted worlds and if you wanted to teleport to them, you came out at the main world. Now it is fixed! ;)
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  3. Some improvements

    Just some small improvements, nothing special
  4. Custom world generators are now fully supported.

    After some problems with the Bukkit / Spigot API, I've written an own method to get the name of a custom world generator (if exists), so they are now really fully supported.
  5. Compatible with older world saves

    What an update storm!
    Now, the plugin is compatible with all the other versions and it's world saves :)
  6. Update Notification & Metrics Update!

    As said in the title, this update comes with a metrics function ( and an automatic update notification to admins when they join (configurable)

    Admins need this permission to get the update notification:
  7. Major bugs fixed and some improvements

    These major bugs were fixed:
    • Sometimes, the reset didn't worked, that's because Spigot didn't unloaded the world 100% before it replaced the world folder
    • These world settings will be now saved and resetted, too: Seed, Environment (Normal, Nether, The End), if structures will be generated, world type (Flatworld, etc...) and the world generator
    • Sometimes, the player kick didn't worked after some resets
    And some improvements have been done.
  8. [Fixed] Error messages when resetting

    Sometimes, something is going wrong when you reset the world, but this is now fixed :)
  9. World settings will be now saved, too.

    If you type /worldreset save [Worldname], the World settings will be saved, too.