WorldSchematics 1.1

Allows custom structures (.schematic files) to be spawned randomly when new chunks are created

  1. robotnik
    This plugin is no longer being developed or supported. Development of the new plugin is being continued here in the new WorldSchematics 2.


    WorldSchematics, A plugin Inspired by the now abandoned WorldFeatures plugin. Credit goes to dkramer for the original idea. Allows custom structures (.schematic files) to be spawned randomly when new chunks are created, similar to how villages, witch huts, pyramids, etc are generated. Allows you to make any world interesting by adding your own schematics and choosing the way they spawn. If you don't know how to create schematics, go ahead and take a look at the plugin Worldedit, which allows you to create .schematic files

    You will need WorldEdit.jar in your plugins folder for this to work. You can get it at
    The most recent version requires worldedit 6.0 and up

    How to use

    • Step 1 - Get a .schematic file and put it in the appropriate folder

    Worldschematics supports multiple worlds and is capable of spawning different .schematics in different worlds. When WorldSchematics first runs, it will create a folder inside the plkugins folder called Schematics. In here there are folders named after each world on your server. The plugin does not automatically create these folders for you (yet) except for the world folder, so you will have to create folders for each world on your server in the Schematics folder yourself

    Place .schematic files which you want the plugin to spawn in /Worldschematics/Schematics/(folder named after world here)/

    So for example, if I wanted a schematic to spawn in a world named "Super_Awesome_world", I would put schematics in the Super_Awesome_world folder, located in the Schematics folder (/Worldschematics/Schematics/Super_Awesome_world/
    (remember to actually create the folder first!)

    • step 2 - create a config file for the schematic
    Each Schematic also needs to be accompanied by a .yml file with the same name as the schematic file. The .yml files contains settings which determine where and how often the schematic will spawn

    So for example, if I have a .schematic named my_awesome_creation.schematic, I would also create a .yml file called my_awesome_creation.yml and put it in the same folder as the .schematic

    • Step 3 - Configure the .yml file

    There are multiple options available which you may put in the .yml file which determines where the .schematic will spawn and how often it will spawn

    for more info on these settings and how to configure the .yml file, see the Configuration page:

    • step 4- generate new chunks
    Now go around and explore unexplored parts of your world to generate new chunks. Depending on the settings (and where you set your schematic to spawn), you should start to see your structures appear in the newly generated terrain

    None yet.

    [*]Config info

    Feel free to help out with development and submit pull requests and stuff

    *create folders for worlds automatically based on worlds on the server
    *add a reload command
    *clean up the plugin a bit
    *feel free to add suggestions!


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Recent Reviews

  1. CarnivorEEE
    Version: 1.1
    Lacks a config, unfortunately, yes, I saw your post about how to make a config however some other members, heck, even I find it rather confusing, therefore mind if you create an example config that will go along with the plugin? Also, would you mind actually updating it to 1.10 or giving the project to a different developer?
  2. Edvins
    Version: 1.1
    IT IS NOT WORKING - im on latest 1.9.2 - using latest worldedit, and i have been flying around for 2 hours and none of schematics spawned, no errors also, it is just not doing anything!
  3. Qruet
    Version: 1.0
    I ran into an issue with the plugin where customizing how close each schematic is to each other isn't possible. I set the chance of a schematic to 100 and in the settings for ChunkChance to 100. The schematics spawn within at least 10 blocks which bothers me since the schematics I'm making is for a bunch of underground rooms that are linked together. It's suppose to be a giant underground mining world but with having a flat world with the schematics separated within a few blocks it won't be an underground world but more of just a serveral single rooms underground split apart. If you can please make it so that I can have a schematic spawn next to another schematic that'd be great!
  4. Tenno
    Version: 1.0
    Great plugin!
    The 1 star kiss is for some missing features and.. er.. 'faulty' config?

    I really wish the 'chance' of schematics spawning would be changed. It really limits what you can do.
    For example lets say i want to create corals on the sea bed, and have all of the sea bed covered with them. I also want some custom dungeons to spawn underground in the ocean biome.
    Now eveytime a dungeon spawns, there will be a empty patch in the sea where there are no corals.
    Hope this made sense.

    IMO the 'chance' should be strictly % based.
  5. BlockBlazer16
    Version: 1.0
    This plugin is what iv'e been waiting for! Now I can have pre-made dungeons generate in pre-made worlds. The only downside is that the plugin doesn't appear to be working at all on WE 6.0.0, Keep up the great updates! :D
  6. BlueSoapTurtle
    Version: 1.0
    Awesome plugin! Would be nice to have "biome: ALL" and the "pasteschematicair: true" seems to not be working, otherwise, LOVE IT! :D
  7. LatePacket
    Version: 1.0
    Its An Awesome Plugin And It worked Fine Until Lately I think you need to update to the latest world edit 6.0.2
  8. Tubaralho
    Version: 1.0
    I'm having errors with this plugin like you can see in paste.ubuntu link

    Giving 4 starts because its a very nice idea... gona give 5 stars when I dont have errors :-P
    1. robotnik
      Author's Response
      Thanks for posting, going to fix that as soon as I can
  9. Lucas_111
    Version: 1.0
    The Idea ist Perfect. Im sure the plugin is also perfect. BUT i don't know, what the hell i must put in the .yml's. The Link don't woooork!
    1. robotnik
      Author's Response