WorldTP 1.1.1

Easily teleport across Survival and Creative worlds without losing your place

  1. LivioDeLaCruz
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    If your server has both a creative world and multiple survival worlds (normal, nether, the end), this plugin allows players to seamlessly toggle back and forth between the two worlds without losing their context or location, and without cheating in Survival.

    Why does this plugin exist?

    I made this plugin to solve one very specific scenario on my server:
    1. We have both creative and survival worlds on the same server.
    2. To limit "cheating," we've disabled the teleport commands in the Survival world. If you wish to switch to Creative mode, players must use portals, which are set up by admins at Spawn using the Multiverse Portals plugin.
    3. We got feedback from players about how difficult it is to switch between the two game modes. If you're playing Survival and you're far from the portal, you'll have to make the long journey to Spawn in order to switch to Creative. And then when you're done and want to switch back, you always start at Spawn and then have to make the long journey out again to wherever you used to be in Survival.
    4. We couldn't solve this with other plugins. Enabling world teleport commands in Survival isn't sufficient since those always bring you back to Spawn, so you still deal with the inconvenience of losing your context in Survival. Also, enabling plugins that introduce a /back command also isn't sufficient because your previous state will be overwritten by the teleports that you'll inevitably make while playing Creative.
    This plugin solves that problem.

    How does this plugin work?

    There are only two commands:
    /wtp creative
    /wtp survival

    Or you can use shorter versions of the commands:
    /wtp c
    /wtp s

    Here's one example of how it might be used:
    1. A player is in one of the survival worlds (either normal, nether, or The End), and then she types in /wtp creative
    2. The player appears in the creative world, does some stuff, and then decides she wants to get back to her project in survival, so she types in /wtp survival
    3. The player will be teleported to the same location that she was in during step #1.
    4. Later she decides to go back to creative using /wtp creative, and she's brought back to the same location as when she left step #2.
    In other words, players can now easily toggle back and forth between the two worlds with minimal interruption.

    1. Download the WorldTP.jar file and place it in your server's /plugins/ folder.
    2. Restart your server (or type /reload) and the config file will be generated at /plugins/WorldTP/config.yml
    3. Edit the config.yml file so that it lists all of your server's worlds. The reason for this is so that each of your worlds can be categorized as either creative or survival. The default config file is shown below:
      Code (Text):
        - world_creative
        - world
        - world_nether
        - world_the_end
    4. Restart your server (or hit /reload)
    5. Check the server console for errors (if any), and test the plugin with /wtp
    Additional Info
    • When a player uses /wtp, their previous location is saved in a file, which means their saved locations are remembered across play sessions.
    • This plugin is compatible with Multiverse-Core, Multiverse-Portals, and Multiverse-Inventories.
    • If a player switches between creative/survival worlds using something other than /wtp (for example, using portals, or /tp, or /mv tp), their previous location will still be saved, so that they can use /wtp to return to where they used to be.
    • If the player doesn't have a previously stored location for Survival or Creative, they will be taken to the spawn location of the first world listed under creative/survival sections of the plugin config file. This is why you should make sure to list the normal survival world first, before listing the nether or The End.
    • If you have multiple Creative worlds, this plugin doesn't really make it easy to switch between the creative worlds. If this is a problem for you, please contact me and we'll discuss your requirements and come up with the best solution for this.
    • I will be maintaining this plugin for use on my community's Minecraft server, which has been running for more than five years.
    • This plugin is open source:

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