WorldWarMinecraft [Alpha] NOW FREE! 2016-01-04

World War minecraft is as it seams a world a war

  1. Wintergrasped
    WorldWarMinecraft (WWMC):

    WWMC is a CTP(Capture The Point) play styled Mini-Game (Note this plugin is server wide not per world). Two Teams Red & Blue Battle over set points. Why? In order to eat, Break, place and or interact they have to be within 25 cubes of a flag there team owns. Kills, Deaths, and bandages used are logged in play stats.


    • Configurable map reset times & block break counts
    • Configurable team name
    • Configurable flag marking blocks
    • Configurable friendly fire
    • Adapting Help menu (Changes with whats set in the config)
    • Economy Integration(For Kits and Stuff)
    • Configurable kit prices
    • Configurable Medic Prices for !Medic
    • Configurable Bandage Prices for !BuyBandage
    • Autoamatically Detects and Fills Chests


    Note: Commands are done as ![Command] not using a /

    • !Help - Prints Help Page
    • ![TEAMNAME] - joins the team with that name (Default Red Or Blue)
    • !Kits - Shows the kits you can afford
    • !Medic - Default $1500 for Regeneration 2 for 15 seconds
    • !BuyBandage Default $250 for a bandage that restores 2.5 Hearts
    • !RankMe - Displays Combat Stats

    Op Only Commands:
    • !SetFlag - sets a flag where your standing
    • !GiveVIP [PLAYER NAME] - Give the specific player a VIP Code
    • !GenSome - Generates 25 More VIP codes

    VIP System Notes:
    VIP is given as a code when the code is put into chat a chat listener picks it up and give the player VIP if it is valid

    If a VIP Code is marked as "Given: true" it will not give it to another player(although any one can use it)

    As of right now the only Feature VIP's get is all kits and economy stuff is 50% of the cost (Automatically) and they also get a chat Tag as displayed below.

    Chest Filling System:

    On the beginning of the round all chests are detected and randomly filled with simplistic Items. Basic survival and crafting stuff like

    Normal Spawns:
    • Flint
    • Arrows
    • Apples- Feathers
    • Iron
    And Rare Spawns such as 1-10,000 Chance:

    • Diamond Sword
    • Bow
    • Diamond armor
    And Super Rare / Legendary Items 1-100,000 Chance:

    • Bandages
    • Blood Pacts
    • Enchant Diamond sword(Enchanted with Sharpness 1-3 (Random chance))

    Added Items:
    Heals 2.5 Hearts when Right clicked

    Blood Pact:

    Adds 1 Heart when right clicked.

    Coming Soon:
    - Configurable kits and Kit Items
    - Configurable Money rewards for flag captures and kills
    - Configurable Chest filling
    - Configurable bandage settings
    - Configurable Blood pact settings
    - Per-World Support

    Updates On The Daily!

    Contact Me on skype for any need information and or technical support.
    Skype: nerdy321

    Find The Source HERE!

    Licensed as Creative Commons
    Modifications a Re-Leases Allowed as long as original work is credited.


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    None yet PM me a video to have it here!

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  1. Jriceplayzhd
    Version: 2016-01-04
    Could use a map to go with it, also, you need essentials and essentials chat for it to work :)

    Everything seems in working order.