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Wrench Those Spawners!

  1. Inferno
    The Must Have For All HCF Servers!
    Ever seen on hcf servers a plugin where you can
    right click on a spawner with a certain item
    and you will get the spawner?
    Well that is a wrench!
    and instead of giving a plugin that can use up
    a lot more ram I decided to make it into a skript!

    Permissions :
    Permission To Use The Diamond Hoe And Get A Spawner Is
    Permission To Spawn In A Wrench Is

    Commands :
    Gives a wrench to the player who ran the commands

    How to use a wrench!
    When you find a spawner you simply right click on it!
    To get a spawner you could give them it via a custom
    shopkeeper at spawn!

    What needs working on -
    Add a ender wrench, a new item that lets you mine 4
    end portals in stead if the default wrench only allowing
    1 spawner

    Add a buy sign for wrenches
    with a configurable price!​

Recent Reviews

  1. Jamm_
    Version: 1.0
    It probably works fine on 1.7, but it doesn't on 1.8 because of the spawner id changes. An update would be great!
  2. RyanPVP
    Version: 1.0
    Wonderful, make it so a wrench can break either one spawner, or 6 endportals before it breaks. For example, If i break one endportal with the wrench, I can break 5 more endportals and 1 spawner with the wrench! :)
    1. Inferno
      Author's Response
      if you read what im adding soon i have planed to do this :)