Write and Publish 3.0

Get writing those books!

  1. Wild1145
    Wild1145, Diederikmc, Blindw4lk3r
    Write and Publish
    Write and publish allows your players to write a book within your server and publish it with the ability for other players to buy and read.

    Once you have published your latest creation you or other players are able to buy this book either for themselves or for another player (as a gift of sorts). Players will be able to list the books that they can buy using the /listbooks command.

    All of the pricing is currently configurable from the config.yml file so you are able to fully configure the price to buy a book and how much the "server" takes from the cut.

    Please Note: At the current time vault is a hard dependancy, this means that the plugin will not function without it installed, and if you dont install it, we have no idea what will end up happening to the plugin or your server. Please check that it is installed before telling us we blew your server up!

    We recommend Java 7 or higher, ideally Java 8 when running this plugin. If you are on shared Minecraft hosting and you get errors that we can not solve you may need to open a ticket with your host and ask them to update to the latest version of Java.

    Commands and permissions:


    This command requires the permission WandP.buybook.foryourself if you wish to buy the book for your self, and the permission WandP.buybook.other if you wish to buy a book for someone else on the server.

    This command allows you to list all currently published books. You will need the permission WandP.listbooks to use this command.

    This command allows you to publish a book. You just need to run /publish <name of the book> with the permission node of WandP.publish and the book will be published on the server for all to read.


    We will aim to keep this as a 100% free plugin, all the time. However if you want to help us out, buy us an energy drink, a coffee or anything that will keep us awake through the long nights working on this and our other plugins, please donate here: