WTClearChat | 1.16.5 1.1.0

A simple clear-chat and mute-chat plugin.

  1. Walltrace
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    Walltrace (Author)
    Languages Supported:
    ENGLISH - Can be translated to any language.
    * WTClearChat *

    A simple clear chat and mute chat plugin.

    • Clear the chat and allow people with permission "wtclearchat.bypass" to bypass it.
    • Mute the chat and allow people with permission "wtclearchat.mutebypass" to bypass it.
    • Clear chat of other players.
    • Clear own chat.
    • Changeable messages and prefixes.
    • Enable or disable ACTIONBAR message when clearing or muting the chat.
    • Support for other versions soon.
    • More features coming soon.
    • No dependencies.
    • wtclearchat.* - All permissions of the plugin.
    • wtclearchat.clearchat - Permission to clear the chat.
    • wtclearchat.mutechat - Permission to mute the chat.
    • wtclearchat.bypassmute - Bypass the chat mute (can write after the chat muted)
    • wtclearchat.bypass - Bypass the clear chat (can see the chat after cleared).
    • wtclearchat.clearothers - Permission to clear other chat.
    • wtclearchat.clearmychat - Permission to clear own chat.
    • wtclearchat - Default / help command.
    • clearchat <player> / cchat <player> - Chat clear command.
    • mutechat / mchat - Toggle chat mute command.
    • clearmychat / cmychat - Clear own chat.
    Plugin INFO:
    • By downloading this plugin you agree to:
    • Do not redistribute the plugin or sell it;
    • Do not copy the source code, modify it, decompile the plugin or use any part of it.
    • You will not post the source code on any website.

Recent Updates

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