WurmBarbecue 2.5.1

Become a barbecue king and cook your food on open fire grills

  1. Regenwurm97
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    WurmBarbecue - The BBQ plugin
    Don't feel like a barbecue king while waiting in front of your furnace?
    WurmBarbecue enables you to cook raw food like meat or melt ores on BBQ grills. The plugin only demands very little server resources and brings lots of fun. Say bye bye to furnaces!

    A BBQ place is simply made up of a stone half slab or wooden/iron trapdoor above any block on fire. The fire must be directly under the surface block. All block structures build like this will be recognized as BBQ places and will fully work!

    [​IMG] + [​IMG] + [​IMG] = BBQ

    Now simply drop your raw items onto the surface of the grill with the q button and watch them cook. You can also right-click the BBQ surface with the item you want to cook in your hand. This will place one item on the grill surface! Hold shift + right-click to place the whole stack on the grill.

    English (by me aka. HungryLime) Warning: super kiddie voice!

    Russian (by Sanny0KTV):

    Portuguese (by aldroydzito):

    Supported Items
    All items (food & ores) supported in furnaces are also supported on BBQ grills!
    For a complete recipe book, use /bbq recipes

    • /bbq - Info command
    • /bbq how - General help command
    • /bbq recipes - Get the BBQ recipe book with all recipes and cooking / melting times
    • bbq.recipebook - Permission to recieve the recipe book (default true)
    Configure WurmBarbecue
    What you can edit in config.yml:
    • Enable Food Cooking: Enable BBQ places for food cooking
    • Enable Ore Melting: Enable BBQ places for ore melting and stone burning.
    • Disable Furnaces [FOOD]: Set to true to disable all furnace recipes of food. You can't cook food in furnaces anymore then.
    • Disable Furnaces [ORES]: Set to true to disable all furnace recipes of ores and stones. You can't melt these in furnaces anymore then.
    The section Multiple Items contains three factor variables. These values are seconds that are added to the normal cooking time if the user cooks / melts multiple items as a stack.
    • Factor 1: This factor will be added when the stack size is between 4-10 items
    • Factor 2: This factor will be added when the stack size is between 11-32 items
    • Factor 3: This factor will be added when the stack size is over 32 items
    What you can edit in the recipes folder:
    You can fully edit all recipes of WurmBBQ individually in the respective meal.yml.
    • Activated: If this recipe should work on BBQ grills
    • Educt Material: Do not change anything here
    • Product Material: Do not change anything here
    • Recipe Type: Do not change anything here
    • Cooking Time: The cooking time in seconds
    • Educt Message: A message displayed when the raw item is dropped on a grill surface.
    • Product Message: A message displayed when the item is cooked. You can also leave this blank.
    • Recipe Book: All these options only affect the recipe book page for this recipe
      • Educt Name: The raw item name
      • Product Name: The finished product item name
      • Recipe Name: The name of the recipe. Be creative or just use the name of the product
      • Description: The description placed below the recipe title.
    If you're a bit advanced, you can also create your own custom recipes manually:
    1. Duplicate one of the recipe files in the recipe folder
    2. Change the type names of educt and product material to what item you want to have. You can find the appropriate names on bukkit or minecraft wiki
    3. Set "Recipe Type" to 0 if its a food recipe, otherwise set it to 1
    4. Adjust the rest of the values as explained above
    What will be implemented in the next version(s)?
    • BBQ places can be enabled to burn out (can be set to on/off) so you need to place coal on them to keep them running
    • Multi-recipes: You can create own recipes consisting out of several sub-recipes. Your users can then e.g. cook a golden apple by placing 1 normal apple + 3 gold nuggets on the grill at the same time :)
    • A compact, indoor version of BBQ places: A small BBQ furnace :)
    Donations, Questions or waiting for an update?
    Coding needs a lot of coffee. If you wish to donate me a cup, please use the following PayPal donation link :) https://www.paypal.me/cedricsommer/

    For any questions, please write me a PM directly via the bukkit forums or contact me via Email: [email protected]. You can also post any bugs or good ideas in the comments section below.

Recent Reviews

  1. cheesepufftyler
    Version: 2.5.1
    Great idea but i cant seem to get anything to cook. does it not work for 1.14???
  2. X00LA
    Version: 2.5.1
    Really great plugin and my users loves it! Hope this will be updated in the future. Works also fine on 1.12.2!
    1. Regenwurm97
      Author's Response
      Thanks alot! :) Will update it, also with your suggestions ;)
  3. tindeptrai
    Version: 2.5.1
    Please add the reload command: ( plugin gooddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd
    1. Regenwurm97
      Author's Response
      Thanks for your post! :) What exactly do you mean? Like what should a reload do? :)
  4. ObsceneNameHere
    Version: 2.5.1
    Awesome plugin, config has a good amount of options to choose from! Stops users from getting lead poisoning from cooking in the same furnace they smelt their ores! lol
    1. Regenwurm97
      Author's Response
      Thanks :)
  5. Gimmes
    Version: 2.2 for MC 1.8.X
    Great plugin! I'm using it on my server and the players love it!
    1. Regenwurm97
      Author's Response
      Haha i can guess :D thx :)