wVipFree 1.8

Give free vip as a gift to players at the opening of the server.

  1. wolfnight29
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    Languages Supported:
    About: This plugin is for servers that want to give free vip during the launch week. But besides giving vip and items you can execute all the commands you want because the plugin has support for commands. The messages and prefixes are customizable.Each player can only use the command once.

    Command: /vipfree
    Permission: vipfree.use




    Code (Text):

    #Prefixo a ser utilizado nas mensagens
    Prefix: "&e[wVipFree]"

    #Comandos a ser executados usando o comando /VIPFREE
    - pex user %player% group set vipfree
    - give %player% diamond 1

    #Ativar o Som quando um player ativa o vip gratis
    Active-Sound: true

    #Som a ser executado
    Sound: "mob.enderdragon.end"

    #Ativar a mensagem quando um player ativa o vip gratis
    Active-BroadCast: true

    #Mensagem que vai ser enviada aos players quando e ativado um vip gratis
    BroadCastL1: "&a%player%&e Got his VIP FREE"
    BroadCastL2: "&eTake yours using: &c&l/VIPFREE"

    #Mensagens do plugin
    Message1: "&cExclusive command for players."
    Message2: "&cYou already got your free vip!"

    For bugs contact me on discord: Wolfnight29#5279
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