XBottler 1.1

Easily fill your experience in XP-Bottles

  1. Martin_Ot

    Easily fill your experience into XP-Bottles (Botteles o' Enchanting). Just click an emerald block with an empty glass-bottle. You will get a XP-Bottle and the matching amount of levels will substracted from your experience. All messages and features are adjustable in a config file.

    Versions: Bukkit / Spigot 1.8 and above


    • Bottle your Experience by clicking an emerald block with an empty bottle
    • The experience points the plugin substracts are calculated dynamically, so it will always take the right amount
    • Sound effects and customizable messages
    • Permissions
    • All features are switchable in the config


    Which commands/features are there?
    • /xbottler - Information about the plugin and its functions
    • /xbottler reload - Reloads the config
    • Bottle your XP: By clicking on an emerald block with a bottle you will get filled Bottles o' echanting. Every click gives you one filled bottle and will take you some of your XP and a glass bottle
    If have you have more than 30 levels and you try to bottle these, it is ineffective. You should enchant first. Above level 31 you will get the same amount of bottles as at level 30.

    Which permission does the plugin have?
    • xbottler.fill: Allows to bottle you Experience
    • xbottler.reload: Gives acess to the /xbottler reload command

    How to install the plugin?
    1. Download the XBottler.jar
    2. Put the XBottler.jar in your Plugin-Directory (Server-Directory -> plugins)
    3. Restart the Server (You can use the /reload command, but maybe this can create problems)
    4. In the Plugin-Config (Server-Directory -> plugins -> XBottler -> config.yml) you can change settings and messages of the plugin (This file is created once the plugin starts)
    5. Use /xbottler reload to apply the changed
    6. Have fun!

    How to configure the config.yml?
    Tips for the config:
    • Use text-editor like Notepad++
    • You can use colorcodes in the config like &1 or &l
    • Remind to open and close strings with the ' mark (e.g. inventoryFull:'Hello')
    • If you use words like "don't" replace the ' with '' (Note the double abostroph)
    Code (Text):
    # Settings for XBottler - View PluginPage on Spigot for further information - You can use colorcodes in your messages, for example '&1'
      noPermission: '&cYou don''t have permission to bottle your Experience' -> Message, if a player try to bottle his XP, but he hasn't the required permissions
      noEXP: '&rYou don''t have enough experience.' -> Message, when the player hasn't enough XP to bottle these
      inventoryFull: '&rYour Inventory is full.' -> Message, when the Players Inventory is full
      above30: '&rIt is ineffective if you bottle your XP above level 30.' -> Message, if a player tries to bottle his XP above level 30. This is ineffective. The player may should enchant
      error: '&aAn error occoured while filling your XP, please report this to the server''s
        admin.' -> Message for unexpected errors
      howto: '&rClick with an empty glass-bottle on an emerald-block to bottle your Experience
        to XP-Bottles. ' -> Small tutorial, shown with /xbottler
      howToHeader: '&aHow to use this plugin?' -> Header of the tutorial
      prefix: '&a[XBottler]' -> Prefix for all messages
      showAbove30: true -> Should the plugin show the hint, if the player tries to bottle his XP above level 30?
      takePerClick: 10 -> How much XP should the plugin take per click? (7 = no loss)
      playSound: true -> Should the plugin play sounds?
      noPermissionHint: true -> Should the plugin shows the hint, when a player tries to bottle his XP without permissions?

    Is there some license stuff?
    It is not allowed to use this plugin together with payed ranks. You can't sell the permission to use my plugin on your server!

    Want to see this plugin running?
    Check out my server: weltensiedler.eu!

    I hope you will enjoy the plugin! If there are any bugs or issues please report it to me.
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