Xcess 0.0.70

New improved essentials plugin!

  1. robotballs
    Ever wanted a free better version of essentials? Well here it is!
    Xcess is still in pre-alpha, so don't get upset when it doesn't have as many features as essentials. All pre-alpha versions of Xcess will be released (without changelog) when the alpha stage is reached.


    Xcess is a Spigot based plugin for Minecraft. It does all of the essential things for running a server all in one plugin! Xcess is growing to be a user-friendly do it all plugin.


    This plugin sucks! It hardly has anything!
    I am a team of one, I work on it every day. I am not speed racer. School is my main priority

    Can I use this with Essentials?
    Yes you can! This plugin will override any of the essentials commands.

    Essentials works just fine, why should I switch?
    Xcess is a plugin that will offer way more useful things, cutting back on the amount of plugins your server has.

    I need more stuff!
    Then leave a suggestion!


    Command | Permission

    /ban (WIP) | xcess.ban
    /feed | xcess.feed
    /gamemode | xcess.gamemode
    /heal |
    /kick | xcess.kick
    /teleport | xcess.teleport
    /tpall | xcess.tpall

    NONE | xcess.sign.create.feed
    NONE | xcess.sign.create.heal
    NONE | xcess.sign.destory.feed
    NONE | xcess.sign.destroy.heal
    | xcess.sign.use.feed
    NONE | xcess.sign.use.heal

    NONE | xcess.ban.notify
    NONE | xcess.kick.notify

    Message me on Spigot!
    (If you help out you will be paid a fraction of any donations that come through based on how much you do)
    Donations = Love.

    Paypal is [email protected]

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Recent Reviews

  1. TheEpicFish
    Version: 0.0.70
    Yeah it is working, but more features would be very cool. Please update!
    Best Regards, TheEpicFish .