XConomy 2.9.25

An economy plugin that supports Bungeecord synchronization

  1. YiC
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    Source Code:
    Languages Supported:
    Chinese, English, French, Spanish, Russian, Turkish, Japanese, German
    The basic economy plugin, supports other plugins that use the Vault API.
    Supporting MySQL to save player data, and synchronize data between Bungeecord servers.

    If your server install other Bungeecord sync plugins, please set their Vault function to false.

    • Player Command
      • balance/money - Displays your balance
      • balance/money <player> - Displays <player>'s balance
      • pay <player> <amount> - Pay <player> <amount>
      • balancetop - Displays TOP10
      • xconomy help - View help
    • OP Command
      • balance/money give <player> <amount> - give <player> <amount>
      • balance/money take <player> <amount> - take <amount> from <player>
      • balance/money set <player> <amount> - set <player>'s balance to <amount>
      • balance/money give * <all/online> <amount> <reason> - give <all/online player> <amount>
      • balance/money take * <all/online> <amount> <reason> - take <amount> from <all/online player>
      • balancetop hide/display <player> - Hide or display a <player>'s data from TOP10
      • xconomy reload - reload message.yml
    • Permission
      • xconomy.user.balance - Allows player to look up the balance of yourself and others
      • xconomy.user.balance.other - Allows player to look up the balance of others
      • xconomy.user.pay - Allow player transfers to others
      • xconomy.user.pay.receive - Allow player receive from others (This permission require Luckperms plugin)
      • xconomy.user.balancetop - Allows player to view TOP10 ranking
      • xconomy.admin.give - Allows player to give player balance
      • xconomy.admin.take - Allow player to take player balance
      • xconomy.admin.set - Allow player to set player balance
      • xconomy.admin.balancetop - Allow player to hide or display a <player>'s data from TOP10
    Code (Text):
      #Chinese ChineseTW English French Spanish Russian Turkish Japanese  German
      language: English
      #Whether to check for new version
      check-update: true
      #Use MySQL or not
      mysql: false
      #TOP10 and the Server Total refresh time interval (Seconds)
      refresh-time: 300
        #If set to true, XConomy will register the following commands:
        # - economy
        # - eco
        # - ebalancetop
        # - ebaltop
        # - eeconomy
      #Please keep in mind that if Essentials is installed on your server
      #XConomy will take over these commands.
      eco-command: true
      #XConomy will disable the economic function of Essentials.
      #Just the economic function.
      disable-essentials: true
      #Initial balance
      initial-bal: 0
      #Whether to enable non-player accounts.
      #It can solve the problem that some plugins need to create non-player accounts, such as Factions,Towny
      #Non-player account data is not synced with BC
      non-player-account: false
      #Whether to enable cache correction
      #If you need to modify the data in the database directly, it is recommended to enable it
      #You need to note that cache-correction will not double verify the value of the amount in the process of deposit and withdraw
      #This function is not supported for non player account data
      cache-correction: false
      #Dose save transaction record
      #Only MySQL is supported
      transaction-record: true
      #If your server is semi online mode, please set to true
      #semi online mode is not online mode, nor offline mode
      #semi online mode is not perfectly compatible with the function of sending transfer notification between BungeeCord
      #This function do not support Sponge servers
      semi-online-mode: false
      #Ignore the case of player names
      username-ignore-case: false

    #The display of the currency
      singular-name: dollar
      plural-name: dollars
      #Is the balance an integer
      integer-bal: false
      thousands-separator: ','
      display-format: '%balance% %currencyname%'
      #Maximum amount (default is maximum)
      max-number: '10000000000000000'

    #SQLite settings
      #Address is the folder path
      path: Default

    #MySQL settings
      host: localhost:3306
      user: root
      pass: root
      database: data
      #auto add "_", can use %sign% to dicate Server ID (BungeeCord settings)
      table_suffix: ''
      encoding: utf8
      timezone: ''

    #Connection pool settings
      #use connection pool or not
      usepool: true
      maximum-pool-size: 10
      minimum-idle: 10
      maximum-lifetime: 180000
      idle-timeout: 60000

    #BungeeCord settings
      #Whether to enable BungeeCord synchronization
      #After BungeeCord sync is turned on, the console and other plugins will not be able to modify the balance in the server without player
      #Please Set bungeecord to true in the spigot.yml
      enable: false
      #Server ID, keep the ID and the MySQL settings is the same between the servers requiring synchronization
      sign: aa
    Code (Text):
    prefix: '&6[XConomy]'
    balance: '&aBalance: %balance%'
    balance_other: '&a%player%''s balance: %balance%'
    top_title: '&e========= TOP10 ========='
    sum_text: '&fServer Total - %balance%'
    top_text: '&e%index%: %player% - %balance%'
    top_subtitle: '&7TOP10 refreshed every 5 minutes'
    top_nodata: '&cNo TOP10 data'
    top_out: '&cOut of the TOP10'
    top_hidden: '&a%player% is hidden'
    top_displayed: '&a%player% is displayed'
    pay: '&cYou pay %player% %amount%'
    pay_receive: '&aYou receive %amount% from %player%'
    pay_fail: '&cYour balance is less than %amount%'
    pay_self: '&cYou can''t pay yourself'
    no_account: '&cTarget account does not exist'
    invalid_amount: '&cInvalid amount'
    over_maxnumber: '&cThe target account amount over the maximum amount'
    money_give: '&cYou give %player% %amount%'
    money_give_receive: '&aAdministrator give you %amount%'
    money_take: '&cYou take %amount% from %player%'
    money_take_fail: '&c%player%''s balance is less than %amount%'
    money_take_receive: '&cAdministrator take %amount% from your account'
    money_set: '&cYou set %player%''s balance to %amount%'
    money_set_receive: '&cAdministrator set your balance to %amount%'
    no_receive_permission: '&cThe target user can''t receive your payment!'
    no_permission: '&cYou don''t have permission to use this command'
    help_title_full: '&6=============== [XConomy] HELP <Page %page%> ==============='
    help1: '&6balance/money  -  Displays your balance'
    help2: '&6balance/money <player>  -  Displays <player>''s balance'
    help3: '&6pay <player> <amount>  -  Pay <player> <amount>'
    help4: '&6balancetop  -  Displays TOP10'
    help5: '&6balance/money give <player> <amount>  -  give <player> <amount>'
    help6: '&6balance/money take <player> <amount>  -  take <amount> from <player>'
    help7: '&6balance/money set <player> <amount>  -  set <player>''s balance to <amount>'
    help8: '&6balance/money give * <all/online> <amount> <reason>  -  give <all/online player> <amount>'
    help9: '&6balance/money take * <all/online> <amount> <reason>  -  take <amount> from <all/online player>'
    help10: '&6balancetop hide/display <player>  -  Hide or display a <player>''s data from TOP10'

    Install this plugin on the sub-servers and BungeCord.
    Then enable BungeeCord mode in the configuration file. (There is no configuration file on the BungeeCord side)


    %xconomy_balance% indicate balance
    %xconomy_balance_value% indicate balance value
    %xconomy_top_player_#% indicate the player name of the ranking #
    %xconomy_top_balance_#% indicate the player balance of ranking #
    %xconomy_top_balance_value_#% indicate the player balance value of ranking #
    %xconomy_sum_balance% indicate the balance of server total
    %xconomy_sum_balance_value% indicate the balance value of server total
    %xconomy_top_rank% indicate the rank of the player
    %xconomy_top_rank_#% indicate the rank of the player#

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    Great resource! Though please add that when I update the value in the database via a third party the placeholders get updated automatically and not just whenever i perform a command
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    Great economy plugin, please keep improving. By the way, can I make a request?
    Can you add a feature to turn players off receiving payments from other players? For example, /pay on/off or / pay toggle
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    Lovley Developer...
    Very cool Plugin...

    We love it on our server!

    Can't say anything else about it.
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    Version: 2.9.4
    Plugin does exactly what is said.

    Fast support from dev, really friendly and understanding. Makes updates efter request. 10/10
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    Version: 2.8.11
    hi, i wondering if u can add a way to reset players money (/money reset * all) im really need that.
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    It is undoubtedly the best perfect economic plug-in. Highly configurable to complete the required work.
  10. Lipek
    Version: 2.8.9
    Very nice plugin, I use it for my survival server. Only thing that i dont like is that it saves playerdata to its database, and it prevents from saving to world files, so i can't change plugin for economy now.