xCore 1.0.2

Core for your server with config

  1. Kewinx01
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    xCore commands

    - ci
    - day
    - fly
    - gm
    - god
    - heal
    - night
    - sun
    - tp
    - unban
    - tpall
    - wb
    - ec
    - speed
    - vanish

    xCore permissions

    - xcore.clearinventory

    - xcore.day
    - xcore.fly
    - xcore.gamemode
    - xcore.god
    - xcore.heal
    - xcore.night
    - xcore.sun
    - xcore.tp
    - xcore.unban
    - xcore.tpall
    - xcore.workbench
    - xcore.enderchest
    - xcore.speed
    - xcore.vanish

    xCore messages.yml

    '<player> - ': Player nickname
    Prefix: '&7[&exCore&7] &8| '
    Config_Reload: '&cConfig has been reloaded'
    Console: '&cYou must be a player'
    NoPlayer: '&cPlayer does not exist'
    NoPermission: '&cYou don''t have permission to use this command'
    Fly_On: '&cFly has been turned on'
    Fly_Off: '&cFly has been turned off'
    Fly_Target_On: '&cYou have enabled a player to fly <player>'
    Fly_Target_Off: '&cYou have disabled a player to fly <player>'
    Day: '&cThe day was set'
    Night: '&cThe night was set'
    Sun: '&cA sunny day was set'
    Heal: '&cYou have been healed'
    Heal_Target: '&cYou healed the player <player>'
    Clear_Inventory: '&cInventory has been cleared'
    Clear_Inventory_Target: '&cThe player <player> inventory was cleared'
    Use: '&cCorrect use: /gm <0, 1, 2> or <s, c, a>'
    '0': '&cGameMode is set to survival'
    '1': '&cGameMode is set to creative'
    '2': '&cGameMode is set to adventure'
    '0': GameMode set <player> survival
    '1': GameMode set <player> creative
    '2': GameMode set <player> adventure
    All: '&cPlayers have been teleported to you'
    Tp_Correct_Use: '&cCorrect use: /tp <player>'
    God: '&cGodMode is set'
    God_Off: '&cMode God mode is turned off'
    God_On_Target: '&cPlayer god mode enabled <player>'
    God_Off_Target: '&cPlayer god mode disabled <player>'
    UnBan_Player: '&cPlayer unbanned <player>'
    UnBan_Correct_Use: '&cCorrect use: /unban <player>'
    UnBan_Player_Has_No_Ban: '&cThe specified player is not banned'
    Use: '&cCorrect use: /speed <number>'
    Change: '&cSpeed was set'
    'Off': '&cVanish is turned off'
    'On': '&cVanish is turned on'

    Discord: kxvp#6798

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