XenMC 2.1

Ensure people use their Minecraft username when registering for XenForo

  1. Lyphiard
    I've seen many people who want to make sure people register on XenForo with a valid minecaft username, but that does not do anything. Minecraft usersnames are widely available with just a quick google, and anyone can easily obtain thousands within minutes.

    ====How does it work?====
    When a user joins the minecraft server, the plugin will record their username, UUID, and IP into a MySQL database. When a user registers for XenForo, a PHP script will check the database to see if the username is related to the current visitor's IP. In case of dynamic IP's, the plugin will update the user's ip every time they log in.

    Installation Difficulty: Easy
    • Download and unzip XenMC.zip
    • Upload XenMC.jar to your server
    • Restart your server, and edit XenMC/config.yml to match your XenForo database settings (Make sure your server has access to the database!)
    • Navigate to ACP -> Addons -> Install Addon
    • Choose "Install from uploaded file", use the file XenForo/addon-XenMC.xml
    • Install the Addon
    Please make sure you have mod_cloudflare installed if you are behind cloudflare! This addon relies on seeing the real IP's of your visitor!

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Recent Reviews

  1. ItzTNTPvp
    Version: 2.1
    Works perfect ; )
  2. Cop_Derp_SSundee
    Version: 2.1
    Is not working at all and no user can signup PM me if you anything that you think that could be causing this but It isnt working for me!!
  3. LeVence
    Version: 2.0.1
    WOW! That is exactly what I had been looking for.
    Well, you did a great job. Thanks! .
  4. CoderSawder
    Version: 2.0.1
    Thank you so much for that plugin. I couldn't find any plugin that does that. Now I pretty sure that my forum is full of REAL players and not just kids who make FAKE profiles and then i can't know who's who. Thank you again for that wonderful plugin. Nice work again.
    Can you also tell me is there any plugin that sync RANKS into xenforo groups. ? :D thank you.
    1. Lyphiard
  5. Kompany
    Version: 2.0
    works fine, what about add vault to earn money when they register?
    1. Lyphiard
      Author's Response
      There are ways to do this, if you have a little experience in PHP, look into something called WebSend. You can easily implement it into Register.php to send a console command when a user registers.