XenoCraft 2.0

A plugin mechanic engine inspired by Dragon Ball Super and Z.

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    a DBS and DBZ inspired plugin.
    budokai tenkaichi is almost here.

    A inspired plugin from the anime of Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super, is this plugin. No mod is needed for the mechanics of the world of Dragon Ball. Use the transformation techniques, and enjoy playing Minecraft with super strength and speed.

    Just drag the downloaded file to the /plugins folder inside of your spigot install.

    - allows the /xenocraft command, triggers for the techniques and transformations, and allows to summon Shenron.

    - tells author, version, and what branch the build is on.
    /controlpanel - Pulls up the Xenocraft Control Panel to control your techniques and transformations.
    /summonshenron - Summons Shenron and allows you to pick your wish.

    The plugin is compatible with Spigot 1.8, however will not be supported on Spigot 1.7 or any Bukkit version.
    This does not mean this plugin isn't compatible. It just means I won't be supporting those versions. This plugin is not compatible with Java 1.7; please PM me for a Java 1.7 edition of this plugin.

    Triggers are now handled differently, then previously. All of the transforming and returning back to normal state is all in the control panel. So, below will be the name of the technique/transformation and the requirements.

    Kaio-Ken: Diamond Block
    Kaio-Ken x2: Beacon
    Super Sayian: Eye of Ender
    and more.. to come!

    If you own a server, please tell me and I'd be happy to put it in this section of the post. This section currently doesn't have any servers.

    XenoCraft has been built for a newer unique fun, using a non-modded client. So, when you installed XenoCraft or on a server using a XenoCraft installation; you might be wondering on how to use the plugin. This tutorial is the one for you, then.
    1. Look at the triggers at the Xenocraft's description.*
    *triggers - triggers are used to have a more balanced gameplay with the plugin and are used to gain difficulty with the plugin; thus getting more hours of gameplay and more fun. Triggers are certain items that need to be in your inventory in-order to issue the techniques/transformations. Once, they are in your inventory: they will appear in the XenoCraft Control Panel.
    2. Play Minecraft and find the trigger items.
    2a. Once found a trigger and in your inventory, it will appear in the XenoCraft Control Panel.
    *control panel - The control panel was designed simply. Once earned a trigger and in the inventory, it will appear. Click your wanted and earned technique or transformation and it will issue it. To disable any powerup you have simply press the Milk Bucket.
    3. Craft Dragon Balls.*
    *dragon balls - crafting dragon balls is simple, just craft 7 eye of enders and do /summonshenron and it will show a GUI to choose your wish.
    4. Do /summonshenron and choose your wish when you have 7 balls.
    5. That's it for now. Suggest more features, to expand your gameplay!

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  1. Capehenrykid
    Version: 2.0
    I don't know how to work this plugin, but I have a server with it:
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      Author's Response
      I've added a tutorial to the plugin's description. However, I will personally go to the server myself to, help you use it. PM me on what time I should come.