XenoCraft 2.0

A plugin mechanic engine inspired by Dragon Ball Super and Z.

  1. Things, have gotten.. super.

    This updates adds a new minor transformation that can be layered over with the techniques of Kaioken and Kaioken x2.

    Layering is by issuing Kaioken or Kaioken x2 before transforming into a Super Sayian. By doing that, it will increase the stats of the Super Sayian by the kaioken multiplier.

    Super Sayian, just like the other techniques require a the xeno.main permission.

    Other then that, there are a couple of huge code mistakes I made. I fixed the issues and the plugin should be bug free.

    I just released this update, because I haven't posted anything recently in the past 2 days.

    As always, enjoy! (please look at plugin's description for the trigger of the super sayian.)
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