XenoCraft 2.0

A plugin mechanic engine inspired by Dragon Ball Super and Z.

  1. The Awaited Update

    This update includes a feature pack of features and hours of more gameplay inside of this plugin. However, I sacrificed the lightweight framework and coding for a much more faster development for you're entertainment.
    But.. I hope you enjoy this intensive update!
    • Removed BlockEvent; should optimize the server for a bit.
    • Added a new system for controlling techniques and transformations.
    • Added Shenron, and a new command for summoning: /summonshenron.
    • Added 2 Events for controlling the new GUI systems.
    • A new command for controlling the control panel: /controlpanel.
    • Removed "Gold" trigger for "ENDER_EYE" for the Super Sayian transformation.
    • Added a disable transformation button in the /controlpanel.
    • You can control all of the functions of the plugin from a permission's standpoint by using the xeno.main permission.
    • And even more.. (its just technical stuff.)

    And as always, enjoy!
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