XenoCraft 2.0

A plugin mechanic engine inspired by Dragon Ball Super and Z.

  1. The Awaited Update

    This update includes a feature pack of features and hours of more gameplay inside of this plugin. However, I sacrificed the lightweight framework and coding for a much more faster development for you're entertainment.
    But.. I hope you enjoy this intensive update!
    • Removed BlockEvent; should optimize the server for a bit.
    • Added a new system for controlling techniques and transformations.
    • Added Shenron, and a new command for summoning: /summonshenron.
    • Added 2 Events for...
  2. Things, have gotten.. super.

    This updates adds a new minor transformation that can be layered over with the techniques of Kaioken and Kaioken x2.

    Layering is by issuing Kaioken or Kaioken x2 before transforming into a Super Sayian. By doing that, it will increase the stats of the Super Sayian by the kaioken multiplier.

    Super Sayian, just like the other techniques require a the xeno.main permission.

    Other then that, there are a couple of huge code mistakes I made. I fixed the issues and the plugin should be bug...
  3. The Permissions Update

    This update now limits the triggers to only people who have the xeno.main permission. This allows more security and more customization.
    Also this update, fixes some bugs for the triggers.

  4. XenoCraft 1.1

    A new release! It includes some fixes with the first override functions and adds a new technique; the kaioken upgrade to x2.

    Enjoy! :)