XenRegister 1.1.2-b5

Reward your users for registering on your forum!

  1. Lyphiard
    XenRegister is a lightweight plugin/addon that will execute a set of commands when a user registers on your forum.

    • Download and unzip XenRegister.zip
    • Upload XenRegister.jar to your server
    • Restart your server, and edit XenRegister/config.yml
    • Restart once more
    • Upload the files from upload/ to your root XenForo directory
    • Navigate to ACP -> Addons -> Install Addon
    • Choose "Install from uploaded file", use the file XenForo/addon-XenRegister.xml
    • Install the Addon
    • In ACP, navigate to Home -> Options -> XenRegister, and change the settings to match those in your config.yml
    ====Current Caveats====
    • The user must be online, otherwise the plugin will ignore the request
    • If the server is down while the user is registering, the request will not function
    • Commands will be executed even if the user has not confirmed his/her email
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Recent Reviews

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    Version: 1.0
    Cool plugin! Nice work! ;)