XenRegister 1.1.2-b5

Reward your users for registering on your forum!

  1. Fixed faulty file structure

    Download this instead of the previous release
  2. Added BungeeCord Support

    This plugin now can be used universally between BungeeCord and Spigot.

    If you are running v1.1, there is no need to upgrade.
  3. Fix faulty installation XML

    Same features as previous release
  4. Added support for multiple servers

    New Features:
    • You can now enter multiple servers in ACP
    • Each server can have its own password
    How to upgrade:
    1. Delete library/XenRegister from your root XenForo directory
    2. Upload the contents of the "upload" folder into your root XenForo directory
    3. Reinstall the addon through ACP with the provided XML file
    4. Configure the addon through ACP -> Home -> Options -> XenRegister
    **The plugin is still the same, so there is no need to replace it**