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XenSync is a plugin addon for XenForo

  1. 2Pif

    XenSync is a plugin which sets a players user group on a Xenforo forum system in relation to the permission group they are in on the server. It also has an optional member feature where a user can get promoted on the server for having an account on the XenForo forum, with an optional check on email verification.

    To install, drag the jar file into your plugin directory.

    Once the server has started once, the plugin will have generated three files.

    #Details for connecting to the XenForo database.

    xenforo-mysql-uri: localhost/database
    xenforo-mysql-user: user
    xenforo-mysql-pass: pass

    #Whether or not to use the member feature.

    enable: true

    require-valid-email: true

    #The default group on the server to check whether verification is needed.
    default-group-name: default

    #The command to run if a user is verified in XenForo but not in game.
    command-to-run: "/pexuser%player%groupsetmember"

    #Specify where to find a player's name or UUID in XenForo database.
    #Default is a profile field called minecraft_name.

    field: minecraft_name

    #Whether to use a player's name or UUID.
    #True for name, False for UUID.
    name-system: true

    #Do not edit anything beyond here unless you understand what you are doing.

    #Whether or not to use the players profile fields (with the field specified above)
    #Turn to false if you are storing the name or UUID elsewhere.
    use-profile-fields: true

    #The table which holds either the players uuid or name against their xenforo id.
    database-table: my_custom_table

    #The column of the specified table which holds the xenforo id
    table-xenid: user_id

    #The column of the specified table which holds the minecraft name or UUID
    table-playerid: minecraft_name

    This is the address and database of your MySQL server on which Xenforo is storing data. eg. 28.34.566.22.2:3306/myforum.

    This is the username to access the database.

    The password to accompany the user for database access.


    Whether the memberification feature is enabled

    Whether the user's email needs to be confirmed

    The name of the default permission group so that users who have already gone through the process can't do it again

    The command that is run when a user types /member and is a member on the site.


    This requires the name of the custom user field set in xenforo which contains the user's minecraft name. A custom field is created like so:Click here to see how this is done.

    Whether to look for a UUID or player name.

    Whether or not to use profile fields (leave true unless you have another table which has XenForo id against either name or UUID)

    A table where players UUIDs or names are stored against their XenForo id. You will have to populate the table with your own methods. (It is the whole point of the advanced section. For example you could have a field on registration which takes the users minecraft name, converts it to their UUID and stores it in this table. This way the user doesn't need to know their UUID and the plugin will remain resistant to name changes.)

    The name of the column which stores the users XenForo id in the above table.

    The name of the column which stores the users minecraft name of UUID.

    This will be a blank file when it is generated. This file is for the conversion of minecraft rank titles to Xenforo forum rank titles. The file should look something like this when filled in:

    Code (Text):
    The word before the colon is the name of the server rank and after the colon is the forum rank you want everyone in the server group to be a part of.

    This file is just a list of players who shouldn't have their ranks synchronised for whatever reason. The file should look something like this when filled in:


    This plugin requires;

    • Vault
    • MessageConsistency (packaged)
    Servers Using XenSync 2.0
    1. TheCarnageNetwork
    2. Private message your server if you use!

    NOTE: I am NOT the original creator of this plugin, I simply taken over it and am updating and adding future requests!

    Feel free @ [email protected] (PayPal)

Recent Reviews

  1. kazuoMCC
    Version: 2.0
    thank you so much for this plugin // addon ive been looking for this kind addon to my website! one small request if it is possible? is it possible to have command /register and when player types that he gets website url in chat? its not necessarily but would be nice :) cheers
  2. EpicGoogler98
    Version: 2.0
    Amazing Plugin, Despite it isn't yours it is amazing and works. One thing, please add 2 way integration so basically the forum ranks can set ranks in the server (based on command) and the server ranks can set the forum ranks, Otherwise, all around amazing plugin :D