XenSync Remastered 1.0.0

XenSync Remastered is a Spigot plugin to sync a rank with XenForo.

  1. MatthewSH
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.10
    XenSync Remastered Cover Photo.jpg
    This plugin is essentially the same as XenSync 2.0 except without the errors, and a bit more to it. Along with a repeating task to make sure that users stayed synced up (especially if they're upgrading their account through something like BuyCraft).

    I've decided to just go over the config in the README on the repository...so check it out here.

    Please note, I haven't fully tested the plugin. If you have issues, please put it in the thread or open an issue on GitHub. Don't report issues in reviews.

    One major difference is the primary group. I've worked with XenForo for a few years now and I'm surprised at how many people STILL don't understand that the primary group should not change unless banning. Simply put, every group inherits from the registered group, you pull someone from that group and all their permissions get screwed up. So this plugin doesn't modify the primary group, it simply add someone to the secondary group.

    Development Video
    If you're bored check out the development video...

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