XeraBungeeQueue 1.2.0

Best bungee queue plugin out there! ;)

  1. Pistonmaster
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    • 1.12
    • 1.16
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    XeraBungeeQueue is a basic and easy to use queue plugin designed for anarchy and survival servers. This plugin is a fork of LeeesBungeeQueue but LeeesBungeeQueue was a designed more for the server 6b6t.org so a fork of the plugin was created that is designed for everyone and has more updates and support.

    A much more easy to use tablist compared to the old one.

    Server ping information and a custom protocol
    Custom Kick Messages
    For example the "You have lost connection to the server" message you see on the server 2b2t.org.

    Custom Server Offline Messages
    Instead of showing an error saying the server is down you can customize this message to whatever message you want.

    Auth server support
    Auth server support for cracked (offline mode: false) servers. (This is causes some security issues for example: The queue goes first then auth and main.). You can now have the authserver go first and then the queue!

    We have a well detailed wiki, which will guide you through setting the queue up: https://github.com/XeraPlugins/XeraBungeeQueue/wiki

    This plugin is based of LeeesBungeeQueue, which was made specifically for 6b6t.org!

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Recent Reviews

  1. WinsDominoes
    Version: 1.1.0
    This is a very good queue plugin!, I really like the special features and the queue system very reliable