XFilter 1.4.9

A simple comprehensive chat filter.

  1. Xorgon
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.13
    • 1.16
    XFilter is a very simple, easy-to-use chat filter plugin that replaces any words (or custom regex filters) on your configured list with asterisks (or a character of your choice). This includes blocked words with multiple letter uses, e.g. faaart.

    Commands /xfilter <extension>
    - addWord <word> Adds the word to your list.
    - removeWord <word> Removes the word from your list.
    - list Lists the currently filtered words.
    - setCharacter <character> Sets the character that will replace letters
    - addFilter <regex filter> <number of characters to replace it with> Adds the regex filter to your list.
    - removeFilter <regex filter> Removes the filter from your list.

    - xf.add
    - xf.remove
    - xf.list
    - xf.setchar
    - xf.*

    As of XFilter 1.4.4 I have implemented auto-updating, this has not been fully tested but can be turned off by setting "autoUpdate" to 'false' in the filter.yml.

    For more version history you can visit the dev.bukkit.org page here.