XHome - Multi Languages and Customize-able Messages Plugin 0.13.1

Homebases Plugin with Multi Languages support and colored messages

  1. Xearox
    Hey there!

    This plugin is a normal home plugin but with a little difference. It's support different languages. This mean, if you have an international server with people from other countries, they will get an answer in their language which is configured in the Minecraft.

    For Example: One of your members comes from France and his Minecraft Language is French then he will get a message in French instead English or German or what ever he is from. In the Screenshot section you will see what I mean ;-)

    It's very simple. Following commands are actually available:
    /home set > This set the main home of the user
    /home set HomeName > This set the home with a specific name
    /home list > This show all home points which are saved by the user
    /home del HomeName > This will delete a specific home
    /home rl > This will reload the yaml files

    The biggest difference between other home plugins is the multi language support. Actually it support German, English, Italian, Spanish, French, Netherlands and Polish.

    Alternate color code support in Messages.

    Permission Support - added
    Vault Support -added
    Economy Support - added
    Premium Support
    and more Languages

    If the Minecraft language is set to French the user will get following message.(I cant french it's translated in google :p )

    And if it set to German:


    And if it set to English:


    Permission: home.rl
    default false : Allow that ops can reload the files from the in game chat.
    On false it allows a reload of files only from console.

    Permission: home.set.mainhome
    default true: Allow players to set their main home.
    Permission: home.set.diffhome
    default false: Allow players to set multiple homebases.
    Permission: home.list
    default true: Allow players to list their homebases.
    Permission: home.del
    default true: Allow players to delete their homebases.
    Permission: home.teleport.mainhome
    default true: Allow players to teleport to their homebases.
    Permission: home.teleport.diffhome
    default false: Allow players to teleport to multiple homebases

    Is this plugin completely ready?
    No! It isnt complete ready. But I need some tester which want try this plugin. That help me a lot.

    Does I need other Plugins?
    It not longer needed.

    For which version of Bukkit/Spigot is this plugin?
    The plugin is written for the Bukkit/Spigot version 1.8.8.

    What you can do with my plugin?
    The main function of this plugin is to allow your users to set home.

    What is the different to other home plugins?
    The different to my plugin is, you can add your own color codes to the messages which your users get. Maybe not the biggest one but a little one.

    Does the plugin support different languages?
    Yes of course. Actually it support German, English, Italian, Spanish, French, Polish. But you need edit the language files by yourself (I dont have the knowledge for all languages except English and German).

    How do I can change the standard language for messages?
    You don't need to change the standard language for the user massages, because the plugin read the language which the player has choose in his Minecraft.

    Does the plugin support permissions?
    The plugin support permissions. See which permissions it have in the permission section.

    Does the plugin support economy plugins?
    The plugin supports only my economy plugin actually but its not ready to share it. Maybe I will add support to other economy plugins.

    How do I install this plugin?
    You need only put the xHome.jar into the plugin folder.

    How I get support for this plugin?
    You can write me here in the forum or send me an email. The email address is located in the config.yml.

    Any more questions?
    Feel free to contact me ;-)

    Then feel free to help me out with a small donation =)


    [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG]

    If you like my plugin or you have suggestions for it, feel free to write it down and rate my plugin.

    All criticism are very welcome.

    ***Please do not reupload this plugin on other websites without my permit.***

    Special thanks to all Spigotmc.org forum users to help me out here =) you are the best =)

    Code (version080 (Unknown Language)):
    + added new language
    + added netherlands as language to the plugin
    Code (version070 (Unknown Language)):
    + added permissions
    + Permission: home.rl
    + Permission: home.set.mainhome
    + Permission: home.set.diffhome
    + Permission: home.list
    + Permission: home.del
    + Permission: home.teleport.mainhome
    + Permission: home.teleport.diffhome
    + Missed messages
    Code (version060 (Unknown Language)):
    + added more languages
      - espanol
      - francais
      - italiano
      - polski

    + new folder structure
      - separate data folder
      - separate locate folder
      - separate config folder

    + added file reloading with /home rl
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Recent Reviews

  1. Panakotta00
    Version: 0.8.1
    A very good Plugin! All Servers must have this Plugin! I love the multiple Language function! But the problem is, I can't speak all languages ;-)
    1. Xearox
      Author's Response
      Thank you for your review. That is the reason why I have build a multi language plugin. Now all users with different mother tongue can use this plugin and get a message in their language to understand what to do. i.e. a German cant speak emglish and want a plugin for homebases now he can use this plugin and he know what to do. In the next update I will add a help system for all languages which this plugin support.