xInventories-Converter 1.1

Convert Multiverse-Inventories data to xInventories, a lightweight multi-world inventory plugin

  1. x128
    About xInventories-Converter
    xInventories-Converter was created to make it simple to move from the dreaded Multiverse-Inventories to my lightweight, multi-world inventory plugin xInventories. This plugin carries player data over and converts their usernames to UUIDs to get your server back up and running as quickly as possible.

    Installation and Configuration
    First and foremost, you must purchase a copy of xInventories 1.4 or newer downloaded, as well as xInventories-Converter. Do not add these to your plugins folder yet. Be sure you have backups of your inventory data!

    Stop your server, and add the aforementioned .jar files to the plugins folder of your server. Once those are added, start the server and make sure no players online (I highly recommend you whitelist your server at this point). Run 'xinventories-convert' from console, and wait for the users to convert. Once they are finished, stop your server.

    Delete xInventories-Converter.jar as well as Multiverse-Inventories.jar from your plugins folder, and open the config.yml from xInventories. Define the groups as the folder names found in the groups folder, and assign them to worlds (more information about xInventories configuration can be found on the xInventories homepage). Once xInventories is configured, start the server and enjoy! (If you're more of a visual learner, I posted a quick tutorial to YouTube)

    What exactly is converted from Multiverse-Inventories?
    A: Player inventory items, Enderchest contents, and player experience is carried over from Multiverse-Inventories.

    Q: The console shows the plugin requested x amount of UUIDs from Mojang, but received less than that. Why?
    A: Since Multiverse-Inventories doesn't use UUIDs, xInventories-Converter has to contact Mojang with a username, and gets sent the UUID as a result. If the user has changed their name, Mojang can not return a UUID for a user that does not exist, and thus the player's inventory can not be converted.

    Q: The console says 'skipped x players with empty inventories.' What does that mean?
    A: The plugin skips over players that don't have any items saved in their inventory, since there is no point in processing them. If they join at a later date, xInventories will create it's own files for them.

    Since every server is configured differently, the converter may not work straight out of the box. If you have any issues, please do not hesitate to contact me on SpigotMC. I will respond to your message as soon as I can!
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Recent Reviews

  1. lgdevil
    Version: 1.1
    Conversion from Multiverse-Inventories was flawless. Not a single error and only took about 5-10 minutes. Not a single inventory items was lost and the converter is so smart that it doesn't convert empty inventories either. I can highly recommend this for 1.9.2 server owners moving away from the now unsupported Multiverse-Inventories plugin. xInventories is working perfect! Not a single error anywhere during the conversion process or while running live on the server. No more MV-I console spam from portal errors. This works brilliantly. Bravo!