XKit (Support NBT and others things) 1.0.1

A powerful plugin to manage kits.

  1. caoli5288
    Open a Gui to edit kits. Support enchant, NBT ... all the things.

    • /xkit - Main commands.
    • /xkit def - show kits list.
    • /xkit def <name> - Create a kit with <name>/ Edit a kit with <name>
    • /xkit kit <name> <player> - Send a kit to a player. support Console.

    • xkit.admin - all the permission.

    1. download and drop the xkit.jar to plugins folder.
    2. download SimpleORM.jar and drop it to plugins folder.
    3. start your server
    4. enjoy it.

    If you find some bugs or have some ideas.
    send PM or e-mail: [email protected]

Recent Reviews

  1. Aero
    Version: V1.0.1
    Great plugin. One thing I would implement is the ability to edit messages the player/console receive to allow more freedom to do things with it.