XManager 0.0.3

A Server Manager

  1. Impasta1000
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.9
    A super server manager!

    XManager serves to be a complete and effective server manager, incorporating every part of server management, from gamemode changing to banning and kicking players. The plugin will also allow full configuration for server owners to fully manipulate the plugin according to their needs.

    2016-07-17_23.19.14.png 2016-07-17_23.19.03.png

    • Lightweight
    • Fully configurable
    • GUI Support
    • Colour code support
    • Gamemode changer
    • Set warps easily


    /xgamemode [alias: xgm]

    Change your gamemode

    /xwarp [alias: xw]
    Set/Delete/List/Teleport to warps


    • XManager.Gamemode.* - Base Gamemode-related permission
      • XManager.Gamemode.Creative - Creative Gamemode
      • XManager.Gamemode.Survival - Survival Gamemode
      • XManager.Gamemode.Adventure - Adventure Gamemode
      • XManager.Gamemode.Spectator - Spectator Gamemode
    • XManager.Warps.* - Base warp-related permission
      • XManager.Warps.Set - Set warp
      • XManager.Warps.Delete - Delete warp
      • XManager.Warps.List - List warps in "warps.yml"

    Dependencies have been included in the zip file you have downloaded.

    The configuration has been fully documented. If there are any problems, please do ask on the discussion thread or you could PM me on Spigot.

    There are currently no known bugs. Do report to me if you find any, I will fix them ASAP.

Recent Reviews

  1. JJpro321
    Version: 0.0.3
    It's ok, but it's very simple and I also wouldn't call this a super server manager plugin. Many plugins can do this just not in the same format. If you were to call this a server manager plugin it would need a lot more features for ops etc.
    1. Impasta1000
      Author's Response
      Thanks a lot! The plugin is still in development and will definitely contain a lot more features in the future.