xP// Towny Status Formatter 0.0.2

Format the /town status with placeholders!

  1. Xenoyia


    Simple, lightweight plugin - want to change what the /t (or /town) board shows in Towny? this is a placeholder-enabled plugin to let you do so! You can even change the 'title' message that shows at the top, down to the characters in the line.

    Code (Text):

    {town} = town name
    {world} = world name
    {pvp} = town pvp status
    {permissions} = town permission list
    {size} = town size (blocks)
    {maxsize} = town max size in blocks
    {board} = town board
    {mayor} = mayor name
    {nation} = nation name (if exists, will display "None" else)
    {money} = town bank
    {upkeep} = town upkeep
    {towntax} = town tax
    {embassytax} = embassy tax
    {shoptax} = shop tax
    {residents} = number of residents
    {reslist} = list of residents (Guy1, Guy2, Guy3 etc)
    {outposts} = number of outposts (if no outposts, will display "None")
    {assistants} = number of assistants
    {asslist} = list of assistants (Ass1, Ass2, Ass3 etc)
    Default Config
    Code (Text):

    # Keep this the same length!
    titleline: '&6.oOo.__________________________________________________.oOo.'

    # This gets placed into the middle of the title line.
    titlecentre: '.[&e{town}&6].'

    # The lines.. add as many as you want!
      1: '&2Name: &a{town} &7| &2World: &a{world}'
      2: '&2Bank: &a{money} &7| &2Upkeep: &c{upkeep}'
      3: '&2Outposts: &a{outposts}'
      4: '&2Nation: &a{nation}'
      5: '&2Tax: &a{towntax} &7| &2Embassy Tax: &a{embassytax} &7| &2Shop Tax: &a{shoptax}'
      6: '&2Residents [&a{residents}&2]: &f{reslist}'

    reload-message: "[&bxP//&f] &bSuccessfully reloaded!"
    Code (Text):

    /xptf reload
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Recent Updates

  1. Added placeholders, removed debug messages.

Recent Reviews

  1. KevinNovak
    Version: 0.0.2
    Love this resource, used it on my last server to fix the horrible formatting that Towny gives you :P Looking to use this on my 1.12 server, will this be updated to support 1.12?
  2. Asfarul
    Version: 0.0.2
    Awesome plugin! Support Essentials chat?
  3. Vreya
    Version: 0.0.2
    Increidible plugin. You really need to keep updating it and make more to edit other towny sections formats.

    Best idea ever!