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Advanced exp bottle plugin!

  1. CodedRed
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
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    XpBottles is the ultimate exp plugin! Create exp bottles, add/take/reset exp from players, and more! The exp amount is saved in a hidden location so you will be able to customize the lore/name of the item to whatever you would like! No restrictions.


    ❃ Turn exp into experience bottles
    ❃ Check your/others exp
    ❃ Give/take/reset others exp amounts
    ❃ Use optional sounds
    ❃ Optional permission-based withdrawal amount
    ❃ Withdraw random amount of exp
    ❃ Send players bottled exp
    ❃ Works in all versions 1.8+
    ❃ Tab Completer!
    ❃ Optional custom drop name!
    ❃ 100% custom!
    ❃ Exp amount saved in hidden location making lore/name 100% custom!
    ❃ Bottles are stackable if they are the same amount


    Permission-based bottles are also supported! This means you can customize the min & max for certain players. Make higher ranks able to withdraw more into bottles for example! The permission node is xp.<name>, the name being whatever is under "permissions:". Example below:

    For default the permission node will be: xp.default. The default "rank" will only be able to withdraw exp between 50 and 1000. You can have as many "ranks" as you want!


    You have the option to add tax when withdrawing exp into bottles. Edit the percent of the tax on XpBottles inside the config.yml!

    Code (Text):
        enabled: true
        percent: 5

    Cost gives you the option to charge the player each time they withdraw exp into the bottle. Requires Vault and an Economy Plugin.
    Code (Text):
        enabled: false
        amount: 100

    Code (Text):
    /exp - Check your exp
    /exp <name> - Check others exp
    /exp withdraw <amount> - Create an exp bottle with amount
    /exp withdraw all - Create a bottle with all your exp
    /exp withdraw random - Create a bottle with a random amount of exp
    /exp withdraw give <amount> <player> - Send a player an exp bottle
    /xp give <player> - Give a player exp (not levels)
    /xp take <player> - Take a players exp
    /xp reset <player> - Sets the players exp to 0
    /xp create <player> <exp> - Creates a exp bottle and sends it to a player
    /xp reload - Reloads configs
    Code (Text):
    xp.check - Check your exp
    xp.check-others - Check others exp
    xp.give - Give players a exp bottle
    xp.random - Create a random exp bottle
    xp.all - Withdraw all exp
    xp.withdraw - Withdraw specific exp

    xp.admin - Allows all admin commands(/xp create/give/take/reset/reload)

    Code (Text):
    #                                   #
    #      XpBottles by: Cmaaxx         #
    #                                   #

    # Max & Min amount the bottles can hold.
    max-bottle-amount: 1000000
    min-bottle-amount: 50

    # - name: This is the name of the bottle item.   #
    # - lore: This is the lore of the bottle item.   #
    # - glow: This is a true or false statement      #
    # if true the item will be enchanted.            #
      name: "&a&lExpBottle &7(Right Click)"
        - "&bExp: &f%exp%"
        - "&bSigner: &f%signer%"
      glow: true

    # When true, it will not allow players to use bottles in a crafting table.
    reject-crafting: true

    # When true, it will not allow players to use bottles when trading to villagers.
    reject-villager-trading: true

    # This is the sound effect when a player uses the withdraw command.
    # Note: Please use a valid sound effect for the version of minecraft.
    # Servers Running 1.9 & Above: https://hub.spigotmc.org/javadocs/bukkit/org/bukkit/Sound.html
    # Servers Running 1.7 or 1.8: http://docs.codelanx.com/Bukkit/1.8/org/bukkit/Sound.html
    # Servers Running 1.7 or 1.8: Sounds were not tested and may not work! Use at your own risk.
      sound: "ENTITY_COW_DEATH"
      enabled: false
      sound: "ENTITY_LLAMA_CHEST"
      enabled: false
    # This will drop the bottle on the ground next to the player if their inventory is full.
    # Note: Other players nearby can pick up the bottle!
      enabled: false

    # Permission based exp bottles are also supported!
    # Permission node will be xp.<name-of-permission>
    # For example if the name is 'default' the permission node will be xp.default
    use-perm-based-exp: false
        max-bottle-amount: 1000.0
        min-bottle-amount: 50.0
        max-bottle-amount: 5000.0
        min-bottle-amount: 50.0
    Code (Text):
      inventory-is-full: '&cYour inventory is full! Cannot create bottle.'
      other-players-inventory-is-full: '&c%player%''s inventory is full! Cannot create
      exp-is-zero: '&cYou cannot withdraw 0 exp!'
      not-enough-exp: '&cYou must have atleast %min% exp to create a bottle!'
      no-permission: '&cYou do not have permission to do that!'
      player-not-found: '&cPlayer not found.'
      incorrect-withdrawal: '&cYou cannot withdraw that.'
      min-max-error: '&cExp amount must be between &a$%min% &cand &a$%max%&c!'
      disabled-crafting: '&cThis item cannot be used in a crafting table!'
      disable-villager-trade: '&cThis item cannot be traded!'
      admin-bottle-sent: '&cServer sent an exp bottle of &b%exp% to &b%player%&c!'
      exp-reset: '&cExp was reset!'
      exp-taken: '&cExp was taken!'
      exp-given: '&bExp was given!'
      - '&9&l+ %exp%'
      - '&bSuccessfully added exp!'
      - '&c&l- %exp%'
      - '&4Successfully withdrew exp!'
      - '&c&l- %exp%'
      - '&cWARNING: &aInventory was full, exp bottle was dropped below you!'
      - '&4%signer% sent you an exp bottle of &b&l%exp%!'
      - '&4%signer% sent you an exp bottle of &b&l%exp%!'
      - '&cWARNING: &aInventory was full, exp bottle was dropped below you!'
      - '&b&m========&7[&9&lXpBottles&7]&b&m========'
      - '&d/&7exp withdraw <exp>'
      - '&d/&7exp withdraw all'
      - '&d/&7exp withdraw random'
      - '&d/&7exp withdraw give <exp> <player>'
      - '&6You have &c%exp%&6 exp (&c%levels%&6 levels), you need &c%exp-needed%&6 exp
        to level up!'
      - '&c%player%&6 has &c%exp%&6 exp (&c%levels%&6 levels), %player% needs &c%exp-needed%&6
        exp to level up!'

    Check out my discord if you need fast help. I try to respond to people ASAP.

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    Plugin doesn't work the way you want it to? Message me through discord, spigot, or on the discussion page before you leave a review. Leaving a review with error messages does not make me work any harder to solve the issue.​

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      Thank you very much! Happy you enjoy everything :D
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