XPConomy 1.3.2

Use XP as your currency with Vault!

  1. klugemonkey
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    XPConomy 1.3.2

    XPConomy is an economy plugin that uses player's experience points for currency. The plugin is allows giving others experience (sharing experience), checking your balance as well as other admin commands to add, remove and set balances. These XP values are the underlying amounts that go towards the XP Levels that are displayed. The plugin has Vault support.

    • Give XP to other players
    • View your XP balance
    • Allow admins to add, remove or set player's XP balances
    • Allow admins to view balances of players
    • Create XP bottles!
    • Control how much XP is dropped on player death
    • Integrated with VaultAPI if present
    • Full support for offline players
    • Supports Minecraft 1.13.2+

    Thanks to Viktor over at server.pro for the video!

    /XPConomy reload - reloads the XPConomy configuration
    /exp - show your XP balance
    /exp help <amount> - show help
    /exp balance - show your XP balance
    /exp give <player><amount> - give another player XP
    /exp balance <player> - show XP balance of player
    /exp add <player><amount> - add XP to a player
    /exp remove <player><amount> - remove XP from a player
    /exp set <player><amount> - set XP of a player
    /exp bottle <amount> - create experience bottle from XP
    xpconomy.reload - enables reloading the plugin
    exp.help - enables exp help command
    exp.balance - enables exp and exp balance command
    exp.balance.others - enables exp balance on other players
    exp.give - enables exp give command
    exp.add - enables exp add command
    exp.remove - enables exp remove command
    exp.set - enables exp set command
    exp.bottle - enables exp bottle command
    Code (Text):

    # XPConomy
    # Plugin for XP based economy
    locale: en_us
    # maximum XP balance, set to 0 or -1 to disable
      maximum: 0
    # should we require a bottle in hand to make experience bottle?
      maximum: 0
      required: true
    # modify_drops will change the exp dropped and kept on death
    # drop_percentage is how much of players XP to drop
      modify_drops: true
      drop_percentage: 10

    Known Issues:
    • Might need to disable other plugins that use /exp command, or configure in commands.yml.
    • Users should supply localized translation files

    Terms of Service:
    The plugin is provided AS-IS. It directly accesses player data files using a NBT library, which may cause compatibility issues.

    This plugin currently supports version 1.13.2+. Features may break if used with other versions of Minecraft than intended.
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Recent Reviews

  1. spaceWeaver
    Version: 1.3-b1
    As others have stated, using Minecraft experience as currency is brilliant in its simplicity. Thank you for the plugin and for keeping it updated.
  2. GopnikJr
    Version: 1.2.1
    I've been using this plugin for a little bit and it's great. Why have another currency in your game when Minecraft already includes one? Why get a separate plugin for jobs when Minecraft already rewards you for completing killing things and mining ores? Not only is the plugin great, but the author is great, as well. He is very responsive whenever issues arrive and gets updates pushed out extremely fast. I use this plugin alongside several others, such as Factions, and it really makes players think about wisely spending that hard-earned XP.
  3. FoxSpellCaster
    Version: 1.1.3
    Excellent plugin. Why use a different economy from what Minecraft uses! There is a small issue if you use plugins that exchange for fractions instead of whole numbers, nothing game breaking though. The additions of bottles is great. Only thing I would change is having the option to drink the Exp Bottles instead of throwing them.
  4. SkyHeart_Ruins
    Version: 1.1.1
    Exactly what I needed, and works perfectly with additional plugins such as Cannons. Recommended.

  5. Drakortha
    Version: 1.0.8
    It's the best type of economy you could ask for and this plugin implements it perfectly. XP is a very valuable commodity among all players, new and old. We've used other plugins in the past when we had an item-based currency but this proved difficult to balance and time consuming.

    But XP currency makes it simple and there's many ways to gain XP in the game already so there's no need to add another currency earning plugin to compensate it. It's especially great for newer players just starting out because they don't need to learn all about how to earn currency on our server, they can just play the game as it was intended.

    I couldn't recommend XP currency enough!
  6. GabeBatarseh
    Version: 1.0.1
    My SMP Server is based off of XP and this plugin is amazing. Anything that has to do with vault you can use this plugin and use exp insteal of any money of some sort. I did has problems at the beginning but once i realized i had a different xp plugin installed that was the problem. I uninstalled it and i was chillin. WOULD RECCOMEND 100%!